Midnight Kiss Cocktail Recipe

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The Midnight Kiss drink is the perfect New Year’s Eve orChristmas cocktail (opens in new tab)recipe. This decadent cocktail is made with vodka, a little Champagne, and a delicious homemade basil and strawberry syrup. If you’re looking for a chance to show off your mixology skills to friends and family, this could be the cocktail recipe for you.

Thanks to its name, and the sparkling champagne, we think this special drink would be the perfect choice to celebrate with at midnight come the bells of New Year. This versatile cocktail is also ideal for a romantic night in, so why not try it onValentine’s Day (opens in new tab)or for a special dinner for two?

Don’t be daunted by the idea of making your own syrup. It’s very easy to do, and is the basis for so many different cocktail recipes, so it’s a useful trick to learn. The syrup will bring out the flavour of the fresh basil and strawberry, making a fragrant base for the drink. Friends will love that you've tried something a little bit different and will be so impressed by your mixology skills.

Basil and strawberries are a surprisingly effective pairing, and a popular flavour combination in Italy. Together with a little mint to garnish, they give a delicious taste of summer, so why not try this cocktail recipe in the warmer months, especially if you have basil and mint growing in the garden. Fresh British strawberries will be in season and on offer in the shops too, so why not mix up a batch of this delicious cocktail for a lazy summer evening in the garden? There’s no bad time of year to enjoy this beautiful cocktail.


courtesy of Ketel One


  1. Boil 1 litre of water with the crystal sugar, add chopped basil and mashed strawberries.
  2. Cool down for 24 hours in your refrigerator.
  3. Shake the Ketel One, syrup, lemon juice and 1 bar spoon chartreuse vert with ice for about 15 seconds.
  4. Pour in Collins glass with ice cubes and top with Champagne and crushed ice.
  5. Add mint covered in powdered sugar and some rose water bitters to top off.
  6. Garnish with mint sprig covered with powdered sugar and a strawberry.


  • 30ml Ketel One, or your favourite vodka
  • 20ml fresh lemon juice
  • 25ml basil-strawberry syrup
  • Champagne
  • 1 kg crystal sugar
  • 50gm of fine chopped basil
  • 10 large mashed strawberries
  • mint