Dark Rose Chocolate Cocktail Recipe

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Dark Rose Chocolate Cocktail
Total Time5 mins

The Dark Rose Chocolate cocktail is one of the most deliciouscocktail recipeswe’ve ever tried. If you love chocolate cocktails or creamy drinks like Baileys, then this sophisticated concoction takes things to the next level. Try making it for a special occasion like Valentine’s Day orChristmas.

The Dark Rose is the brainchild of The Trading House, a top cocktail bar in central London. This heady drink was, appropriately enough, originally created for Chocolate Week. Chocaholics will love this indulgent combination of chocolate sauce, milk and cream. It also contains the delicate flavour of rose which adds floral notes without being overpowering.

To add the rose flavour, you need to make a simple gomme, which is a type of sugar syrup used in many cocktails. A gomme helps give cocktails a really silky consistency. To make the rose gomme, you need to heat the caster sugar and water together in a small pan over a gentle heat. Add the dried rose buds to infuse the mixture with their scent, then remove from the heat and leave to cool completely before using.

Once you’ve made the gomme syrup, and shaken up the creamy chocolate mixture, add your favourite non-flavoured vodka and Briottet rose liqueur. This is a beautiful pink liqueur from France, made from real rose petals and which has a delicate flavour that won’t overwhelm the other ingredients in your chocolate cocktail.

Fancy having a go at making the decadent Dark Rose? Simply follow our recipe below and serve your drink in a wide-rimmed cocktail glass. Scatter a few crushed rose buds over the top for a professional finish.

How To Make a Dark Rose Chocolate Cocktail

1. Add the chocolate sauce, milk and cream to fill a Boston cocktail shaker. Add the rose gomme, vodka and rose liqueur. Add ice then shake.

2. Fill a goblet glass with crushed ice. Pour the cocktail over the top and sprinkle over more crushed rose buds. Add two straws and serve.

The Dark Rose was created byThe Trading Housebar, London


  • 1tbsp chocolate sauce
  • half glass milk
  • half glass cream
  • rose gomme, made with 2tsp caster sugar mixed with 2tbsp water and handful dried rose buds, then draining
  • 25ml vodka
  • 25ml Briottet rose liqueur

You will need:

  • a Boston cocktail shaker