The Duchess of Cornwall reveals surpising ballet injury

The Duchess of Cornwall has revealed she's been using her love of ballet to stay fit during lockdown, but sustained a rather unlucky injury.

  • Duchess Camilla opened up about her love of ballet during a chat on the Emma Barnett Show on BBC Radio 5 Live
  • The 72-year-old was inspired to start ballet by a Silver Swans class for the elderly during a visit to the Royal Academy of Dance in 2018 and has used it to keep fit during lockdown
  • Although the Duchess did have to take a break after over-doing and sustaining an injury
  • In other royal news the Queen is planning an exciting post-lockdown getaway

The Duchess of Cornwall has been relying on her love of ballet to keep fit and active during lockdown.

But, doing 20 minutes of dancing a day has taken its toll on her body and she was forced to take a break. "I managed to obviously do something wrong, did something to my back so I've laid off it for a bit, but I can't wait to get back to it again - you feel so well afterwards," she revealed.

Duchess Camilla started dancing after being inspired by a Silver Swans class for elderly dancers during a visit to the Royal Academy of Dance in 2018. And it's come in handy whilst the 72-year-old has been stuck at home during lockdown, thanks to the global pandemic.

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Opening up about her love of ballet during a chat on the Emma Barnett Show on BBC Radio 5 live, Camilla said she got a group of friends on board to join in the workouts.

"I gathered together a group of likely candidates in the form of friends, same age as me, and I said, 'look, you know, we're going to be Silver Swans', they all howled with laughter and said, 'you must be joking'.

"So I said, 'come on let's give it a go', so we all arrived in our black leggings and T-shirts ready for the dance. We did think we'd be getting complete hysterics but we all had to concentrate, we concentrated so hard you don't dare look to the left or right."

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