Strawberry Pimm’s coulis crumpet tower Recipe

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  • Nut-free
serves: 2
Skill: easy
Prep: 5 min
Cooking: 8 min

Nutrition per portion

Calories 454 kCal 23%
Fat 4g 6%
  -  Saturates 1.5g 8%
Carbohydrates 77g 23%

Our strawberry Pimm’s coulis crumpet tower is a brilliant addition to any boozy brunch menu. Serve with Greek yogurt and extra strawberries on the side.

One mouthful of this strawberry Pimm’s coulis and you’ll be transported to the grassy banks of Wimbledon. We’ve mixed a finely chopped fresh mint into this delicious fruity sauce to cut through some of the sweetness and imitate the classic summer tipple.

The strawberry Pimm’s coulis can be made ahead of time and works brilliantly with pancakes, ice cream, and cakes too if you don’t fancy a crumpet tower. Try putting a small amount at the bottom of your Prosecco flute and top with bubbles for a quick and easy brunch cocktail.

Hosting a Pimm’s party? Add our Pimm’s with a Kick to your drinks menu and our orange cheesecake with strawberry and Pimm’s jelly for a show-stopping dessert.


  • 250g strawberries, topped and roughly chopped plus extra whole for serving
  • 2tsp caster sugar
  • 80ml Pimm’s
  • 5 large mint leaves, torn plus extra for serving
  • 6 crumpets
  • 50ml Greek yogurt, to serve


  • Place the strawberries in a saucepan with the caster sugar and heat. Start to lightly mash the strawberries to release some juice.

  • Add the Pimm’s and simmer for a couple of minutes. Stir in half the shredded mint leaves and then blitz in a food processor until smooth. Strain through a sieve then stir in the rest of the mint leaves.

  • Toast the crumpets according to packet instructions then layer up with a spoonful of the coulis between each layer.

  • Top with yogurt, more coulis and the extra strawberries if liked. Serve with a glass of Pimm’s for good measure, or water with sliced cucumber.

Top Tip for making Strawberry Pimm’s coulis crumpet tower

Make the coulis ahead of time and try it in cakes or drizzled on pancakes and icecream.

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