Breakfast-filled rolls Recipe

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breakfast filled buns
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Preparation Time1 hours plus proving and cooling
Cooking Time15 mins
Nutrition Per PortionRDA
Calories544 Kcal27%
Fat20 g29%
Saturated Fat7 g35%
Carbohydrates68 g26%

These all-in-one breakfast-filled rolls could become your new favourite brunch dish. While we have made the rolls from scratch, obviously you can use a shop-bought for ease. However, once you see how easy the rolls are to make, we're sure you'll be converted. The smell that will fill your kitchen is reason enough and the taste is second to none. You can also use the rolls to dunk in soup, fill with your favourite sandwich filling, or use them at your next barbecue. The egg helps to bind everything together and stop the filling from drying out. But you can experiment with your favourite breakfast ingredients. We recon black pudding or some cooked peppers would make a welcome addition.


  1. Put the flour, yeast and salt into a mixing bowl. Mix in the butter and 300ml tepid water to form a dough. Knead the dough for 10 mins. Either use a dough hook attachment on a stand mixer or tip the dough onto the work top and push the dough firmly away with the palm of your hand and folding it back over itself repeatedly.
  2. Place the dough back into the bowl and cover with cling film. Rest in a warm place for 35 mins.
  3. Turn out onto a lightly floured surface and knead for 1 min, then divide into 6 equal-sized pieces. Shape by pulling the edges into the centre, flip them over and push them under the palm or your hand in circles on the work surface. Once smooth place the rolls onto the prepared baking sheets leaving space between them. Leave to prove for 30 mins under a clean damp tea towel until doubled in size.
  4. Heat the oven to 200C/Gas 6. Bake the rolls for 10 mins, turn the tray and cook for a further 5 mins, then place on a wire rack to cool. Once the rolls are cool cut off the tops and hollow out the inside leaving about 1cm of bread on the crust. Heat the oven to 200C/Gas 6.
  5. To make the filling: cook the mushrooms and bacon in a non-stick frying pan until coloured. Add the wet washed spinach to the pan to wilt. Divide the filling into each roll and place on a baking tray lined with baking parchment. Crack an egg into each, season with salt and pepper and put into the oven. Cook for 15 mins then spoon the beans over and cook for a further 5 mins. Scatter over the parsley and serve with the lids.


  • 500g strong white bread flour, plus extra for dusting
  • 7g dried yeast or 14g fresh yeast
  • 7g sea salt
  • 10g unsalted butter, melted and cooled
  • For the filling:
  • 12 rashes of streaky bacon
  • 150g chestnut mushrooms, sliced
  • 100g spinach
  • 6 medium organic eggs
  • 100g baked beans
  • parsley to garnish
  • You will need:
  • baking sheets lined with baking parchment
Top Tip for making Breakfast-filled rolls

Use the offcuts to make croutons or breadcrumbs for a future dish.

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