Smoked Haddock Rarebit Recipe

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smoked haddock rarebit
Preparation Time5 mins
Cooking Time15 mins
Total Time20 mins
Nutrition Per PortionRDA
Calories514 Kcal26%
Fat32 g46%
Saturated Fat19 g95%

Smoked haddock rarebit is a flavour packed fish dish that is easy to make but so impressive. The rarebit sauce has a kick from the mustard and Worcestershire sauce, and the smoked haddock fillets give such depth of flavour. This warming winter dish is perfect for a quick and easy weeknight meal with a luxury feel. Buying frozen smoked haddock fillets is a top tip to make this smoked haddock rarebit even more budget friendly.



  1. Put the haddock and milk in a pan and bring to a boil, then reduce to a simmer for 4-5 mins until the haddock is cooked. remove the haddock, take off any skin and set aside. When cool enough to handle, pull into large chunks.
  2. To make the rarebit topping, mix together the cheese, Worcestershire sauce, mustard powder and beer.
  3. Put the haddock into a large baking dish and top with the rarebit mix and sliced tomatoes. cook under a hot grill for 10-15 mins or until browned and bubbling.


  • 750g smoked haddock fillets
  • 250ml milk
  • 500g mature Cheddar, grated
  • 3tsp Worcestershire sauce
  • 3tsp dried mustard powder
  • 2tbsp beer or Guinness
  • 4 large tomatoes, sliced
Jane Curran

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