Ginger and goji berry punch Recipe

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Looking for an unusualcocktail recipethat will impress your friends and family? This fruity ginger and goji berry punch could be the drink for you. The exotic ingredients will certainly be a talking point at your next summer drinks gathering orbarbecue.

This ginger and goji berry punch recipe is the creation of the bartenders at Plateau, a popular rooftop restaurant and bar in Canary Wharf, London. They’ve used an unusual spirit called Fair Goji Liqueur to form the basis of this delicious concoction. The Fairtrade liqueur is made in France using goji berries, the Chinese berry which has become a big hit with healthy eaters in recent years.

The goji berry punch has a complex, sweet and sour flavour thanks to the addition of fresh pineapple, orange juice and freshly-squeezed lime. Liquorice bitters add an unusual edge that will get your friends talking. Add to the mix vodka and a dash of ginger ale, and you’ve got yourself a delicious cocktail that tastes of the tropics, but that clocks in at just 100 calories per serving.

To serve this cocktail, go a little tongue in cheek and top with fresh berries and a retro garnish like pineapple leaves, as Plateau have done. Or take things one step further and add a cocktail umbrella for a bit of fun. Just leave out the glace cherries and plastic monkeys to keep the drink playfully chic rather than full Del Boy.

How To Make a Ginger and Goji Berry Cocktail

1. Shake all the ingredients together in a cocktail shaker, apart from the ginger ale. Strain and serve on crushed ice in a wine glass, topped up with ginger ale.

2. Garnish with pineapple leaves and fresh berries.

This exclusive recipe is courtesy of Plateau Restaurant, London. Goji liqueur is available to buy online fromThe Whisky Exchange.


Fresh pineapple

3 cloves

4 drops of liquorice bitters

25 ml fresh orange juice

10 ml fresh lime juice

25 ml FAIR. goji liqueur

25 ml vodka

  • A splash of ginger ale.