Fino and Tonic Recipe

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Fino and tonic.jpg
ServesA jug or glass
Total Time5 mins

Planning a summer party or just looking for a change from your usual gin and tonic? Try our delicious Fino and tonic. This simplecocktail recipeis a big favourite in Southern Spain and is becoming popular in top London cocktail bars, where using sherry in cocktails is becoming a big trend.

Forget ideas of Harvey’s Bristol Cream and your granny’s drinks cabinet. Fino is a dry, pale white sherry which is a big hit with foodies and worlds away from the sherry you might’ve tried in the past. Sherry is made in Jerez in Andalusia, southern Spain. There, dry white sherry like Fino is often drunk in a rebujito, a popular cocktail which mixes Fino sherry with a soft drink mixer, like lemonade or tonic water. The rebujito is a party drink, popular with festival goers at the annual Ferias in Jerez and Seville.

Making a Fino and tonic couldn’t be simpler. It’s the perfect affordable cocktail for summer drinks parties orbarbecuesas you don’t need lots of different ingredients. Just stick to the ratio of Fino to tonic we’ve given below and scale up to cater for a big crowd. We love to serve Fino and tonic in pretty cut-glass pitchers, over plenty of ice.

Transport yourself to the sultry climes of Southern Spain with a zesty glass of Fino and tonic. It takes 5 minutes to make and is bound to become your new favourite summer drink.

How to Make Fino and Tonic

1.Mix one part fino sherry and two parts tonic water. Add lots of ice and slices of lemon. The great thing about this simple cocktail recipe is that you can scale it up or down to make a jug to share with friends, or just a couple of glasses. It's a fabulous new way to drink sherry.


  • Fino sherry, or dry sherry
  • Tonic water
  • Ice
  • Lemon