14 Of The Best Christmas Adverts Of All Time

Festive decorations? Mince pies? Nope, the first thing that signals the Yuletide season is the battle of the Christmas advert. Every year, retailers splash out on creating commercials that are not only better than the year before, but better than their competitors. Some, however, can’t be beaten – in no particular order, here are the best Christmas adverts of all time…

M&S vs John Lewis vs Sainsburys vs Heathrow (2016)

This year the battle for the best Christmas advert crown has a massive four main contenders. First to drop was the John Lewis advert, which tells the story of Buster the dog, as he watches various night-time animals play on his owner’s new trampoline, yearning to play on it himself. As Christmas morning comes Buster is finally allowed into the garden to play to hilarious effect.

Then came M&S . When their heart-warming Christmas advert launched it amassed 1000s of comments and shares within minutes, with many saying they preferred it to John Lewis’ offering. It follows Mrs Claus, who sets about helping little Jake after he asks her to help him replace his sister’s trainers, which got destroyed by their dog. The heart-warming advert wouldn’t look our of place in a Hollywood blockbuster. Watch it here… 

The third contender is Sainsbury’s who have created an animated advert that stars a singing James Corden. The 3-minute is a joyous Christmas musical, which tells the story of hard working Dave who struggles to get everything done in time for Christmas, so creates clones of himself so he can be in multiple places at one time. The advert itself was created in association with Great Ormond Street Hospital.

The final contender for 2016’s best advert comes from an unlikely source, Heathrow Airport. The London based airport have released an advert about two elderly bears, Mr and Mrs Bair, travelling home for Christmas. The film shows the two bears, landing at the airport, losing their way as they make their way through arrivals and struggling with their luggage, before they are finally reunited with their relatives. 

 Sainsbury’s vs. John Lewis (2015)

Once again everyone waited with baited breath for the new John Lewis Christmas advert. Sure enough, when it landed on our screens, the story of a lonely man on the moon touched our hearts and raised awareness for Age UK. Just one week later, Sainsbury’s dropped their incredible ‘Mog’s Christmas Calamity’ advert, and the battle commenced. We couldn’t pick a favourite, so here they both are for your viewing pleasure.


Yellow Pages – Mistletoe (1992)

To get his Christmas kiss, the resourceful little boy is quick on his feet to grab the chunky directory – who doesn’t love this classic Yellow Pages advert?


Coca Cola – Holidays Are Coming (1995)

One of the most iconic adverts of all time – the sight of the coca cola trucks twinkling down the road became a worldwide signal that Christmas was on its way.


John Lewis – Monty The Penguin (2014)

It was a close call between this and 2013’s ‘The Bear & The Hare‘, but the adorabe story of Monty the penguin comes out on top as John Lewis’ most heart-wrenching Christmas ad. Just 24 hours after the advert launched, toy versions of Monty sold out in shops everywhere and retailed on eBay for up to £500!

Irn Bru – The Snowman (2006)

We’re not quite sure what the link is between The Snowman and the famous Scottish fizzy drink, but nonetheless this animated delight remains a firm favourite.


Quality Street – Magic Moments (1992)

What’s Christmas without the ubiquitous box of Quality Streets? Their 1992 ad featuring a boy giving his favourite lollipop lady an unexpected gift is a guaranteed heartwarmer.

Sainsbury’s – World War I Tribute (2014)

Inspired by true events 100 years ago, Sainsbury’s portrayal of the famous Christmas truce was certainly a tearjerker.


Woolworths – The Woolworths Christmas Show (1983)

This ’80s classic comes courtesy of our beloved Woolworths. Whilst we’ll never see another “latest, greatest, evermore spectacular” Woolworths Christmas show, their ads will remain classics.

Toys R Us – Magical Place (1989)

The jingle in this iconic ad remains the song that Toys R Us use every Christmas.

Apester Lazyload