The Best Christmas Candles

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  • Boost the festive mood with candles that smell like sugar and spice and all things nice

    Create the perfect seasonal atmosphere with our simple yet effective candle arrangements:

    Mantelpiece MagicPlace three candles in the middle, then arrange laurel leaves, fir sprigs and lilies around, filling in the gaps with silver fabric.

    Red CubeA glass tank vase, some taper candles and lots of gorgeous red berries. So easy! Tank vases, from £2.99,; taper candles, £1.75 for 12,

    Warm Glow

    Make more of the fireplace with a row of metallic hurricane lanterns in different sizes to give a golden glow on the hearth.

    Grand Group

    Tie wide ribbon around pillar candles and group together, then dot other candlesticks, tea light holders and baubles to make a festive group.

    Clear Winner

    Easy and effective. Start with a footed glass jar or hurricane lantern, and arrange a pillar candle and some fragrant flower petals or berries around the bottom.

    Fill your home with warm and welcoming candles – these have fabulous festive aromas and they also make beautiful gifts…