The Best Games To Play At Christmas

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  • You’ve polished off the Christmas dinner, unwrapped presents and (of course!) had a few festive tipples. But instead of crashing out in front of the TV, why not initiate some good old-fashioned family entertainment by playing one of these timeless party games? We’ve rounded up our favourites, all of which are guranteed to keep adults and children alike entertained for hours!

    1. Sardines

    Who doesn’t love a game of Sardines?! Start by turning off ALL lights in the house, and then select one player to go and hide. Whilst they are hiding, everyone else must count to 50, and then set off to find the sardine (in the dark). Anyone who finds the hiding player (the sardine) must then hide with them in the spot, until all the other players have found them too. Maybe bring a glass of wine along for the wait…

    2. Monopoly

    A classic family game to play at
    Christmas, why not try out the new Monopoly World Edition. Race around
    the globe as you build property in some of the world’s most exciting
    locations, adding stamps to your passport as you go. The more stamps and
    locations you collect for your passport, the closer you are to your

    3. Spoons 

    Another classic. Deal four cards to each player and place several spoons in the middle of the table (one spoon less than the amount of people you are playing with, so if you are playing with six people, you must put down five spoons). All players then take a card and put it down on their left hand side, all at the same time. Whoever is on the right hand side of the dealer must put one of their cards down on the table, starting a discard pile, while the dealer picks up a new card. The first player to have four cards which are all the same must pick up a spoon. All other players must then attempt to do the same – the slowest player, and the one left without a spoon is then put out of the game. Continue playing until you’re left with one person – the winner!

    5. Lie Detector

    All players must come up with one lie and two truths about themselves, all of which they then reveal to each other. Everyone must vote which statement they believe to be a lie, with one player keeping score. You could also opt to play by explaining your lies and truths with a story, while the other players ask questions. 

    6. Christmas Bingo

    Quite self explanatory! Simply print off some Christmas Bingo sheets, or even make your own and enjoy hours of Bingo fun. 

    7. Fishbowl

    If you want to get everyone laughing, then this is the game you should play. It works best in bigger groups of ten upwards. Firstly, have every player fill out three slips of paper, writing down one thing from each category – a person, a place and a thing. Put all papers in the ‘fishbowl’ or something similar, then split into two teams. Team A will select a person to go first, and one at a time each player will try to guess as many slips as they can in one minute. If guessed correctly the person takes the paper out of the fishbowl and passes the fishbowl to the next person. The more correct guesses, the more points a team gets. Team B then does the same thing. Once all papers have been guessed, the round is complete. The game is played in three different rounds. In round one the player must only say words relating on to the word of the paper – basically everything but the word itself! In round two the player must act out the word. And in round three the player may say one word only – no actions permitted. Enjoy!

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