Tradition Meets Contemporary Chic At Pringle’s New Flagship Store

Pringle revisits its heritage in style at its new flagship store in London’s Mount Street. The exclusive boutique is set in a historic building but features striking contemporary interiors – thus mirroring Pringle’s own blend of traditional roots and innovative spirit.

The Mount Street space has been designed by architects Atelier Oi, who have incorporated Pringle’s winning mix of sober elegance and rich texture into the decor. Neutral hues, stunning metalwork lamps and slender stainless steel fixtures that recall the iconic Argyle pattern combine to create the perfect backdrop for the brand’s luxurious cashmere knits.

In another clever nod to the company’s tradition, the shop also features a modern version of the Pringle Cashmere Bar that graced Harvey Nichols’ knitwear department in the 1950s.

Taking pride of place in Mount Street’s 1,000 square metre retail space is the brand’s latest archive collection, inspired by Princess Grace of Monaco. The chic, elegant pieces were designed by students at Central Saint Martin, who had access to a vast selection of images and video footage from the Palace archives and other institutions through the Nouveau Musée National de Monaco.

The result is an exquisite range of sweaters and dresses that captures the essence of Grace Kelly’s understated, timeless style and marries it to sumptuous cashmere. In Pringle’s own words, it’s a look that’s effortlessly ladylike.

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