The Queen is against Prince Charles turning Buckingham Palace into a museum

The Queen isn't keen on changing the status quo—with the palace only open to visitors between April and September

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The Queen is said to be completely against the idea that Prince Charles wants to turn Buckingham Palace into a full-time museum.

According to sources Prince Charles, once he's King, wants to 'slim down' the monarchy and even turn Buckingham Palace into a full-time museum - but the Queen isn't happy about the claims.

"This will not be happening anytime soon, particularly while we still have our gracious Majesty the Queen with us," says the royal expert.

"She’s not very keen on that particular idea and believes of course, that it should remain a family home of sorts," adds Neil Sean.

"Her Majesty the Queen will go between Windsor Castle, which she considers her main London base, and spending two to four days a week also out at the re-renovated Buckingham Palace."

Buckingham Palace

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Buckingham Palace was closed to visitors during the lockdown, but the Queen reopened the tourist attraction in April. With 775 rooms and the biggest private garden in the UK capital, there's a huge amount of space available to the Queen and her family. It's located right next to Hyde Park, and close to 10 Downing Street and other London landmarks, such as Big Ben and Westminster Abbey.

The Queen has multiple royal palaces, each known for its unique history and stunning architecture. From Windsor Castle, where she and her beloved late husband, Prince Philip, spent much of last year, to Balmoral Castle in Scotland where she is currently enjoying her annual summer break, each of these palaces holds a special place in her heart. 

Though it is Buckingham Palace in London that is perhaps considered one of the grandest royal residences and is the palace most recognizable to royal fans across the world. 

Recently, it hit the headlines as Buckingham Palace was targeted by protesters last month. The protesters dyed the iconic Buckingham Palace fountain red in a demonstration against the alleged use of crown land for hunting and animal agriculture. 

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