The Best Luxury Hand Wash

Impress houseguests and, more importantly, yourself with these indulgent, sudsy hand washes.

Here’s the thing about hand wash; it’s one of those products we use every single day, yet few of us put as much thought into it as we do our shampoo or shower gel. That’s where we could be going wrong, as a luxury soap can mean the difference between just clean hands that are ‘meh’ and clean hands that are both sublimely pampered and fragranced.

Premium skincare brands and perfume houses have dosed up their hand washes with a bevy of softening benefits and scents that truly linger. Moreover, brands such as Jo Malone and Neom allow you to bathe your hands in the very same scents that are emitting from your candles or being spritzed from perfume bottles.

But it’s not just superlative scents and textures that have us on the hunt for the perfect hand wash – consider the beautiful bottles the sinker to our metaphoric hook and line. By perching an elegant monochrome glass flacon (like Aesop) or a bottle from a brand synonymous with luxury (Jo Malone) by the sink, you’ll upgrade your bathroom in a trice.

The perfect gift for a hostess, to leave out in the guest bathroom or, well, just for you, we’ve rounded up eight of our favourites. They make hand washing a joy…

Aesop Reverence Aromatique Hand Wash, £27
Marrying the satisfying scrub of Pumice with a warm, woody-citrus scent, this is more than a mere hand wash. The exfoliating cleanser makes every trip to the sink feel like a spa treatment, as hands emerge impeccably polished and oh so very soft.

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