Why Prince William seems 'genuinely happy' as he avoids making 'mistakes of the past' like 'gloomy' Prince Charles

An expert has revealed why Prince William avoids making mistakes 'of the past' and why his public perception is better than Prince Charles'

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A body language expert Judi James has revealed that by learning from his father, Prince William avoids making mistakes 'of the past' and has learned to find the playful side to his royal duties.

Although they are father and son, Prince Charles and Prince William could not be more different when it comes to their approach to royal life and their service to the crown.

A body language expert, Judi James, has explained to woman&home that their different styles suggest that Prince William is learning from the mistakes made by his father about marrying for love, dealing with the press, and creating a happy public persona. 

"A quick, loving, and supportive smile to his wife and a ‘wish me luck!’ would not be his style," said Judi speaking about Prince Charles. "Charles’s approach to the job seems to be intellectual and gloomy and lacking in the kind of upbeat bounce we get with William," said Judi as she compared the public perception of these two figures.

When recognizing significant events that damaged the Prince of Wales' public perception the expert recalled, "It was Charles adding the haunted line of  ‘whatever being in love means’ to his engagement interview and it was Charles muttering on mic to his young sons ‘I can’t stand that man’ about a hapless royal journalist whose only crime was to have reported on Charles with a respect, loyalty, and deference that many journalists would have found challenging."

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The expert went on to compare the Prince of Wales with Prince William, specifically mentioning the impact that Duchess Kate has had on the royal. "William doesn’t always get it right but he does a lot of the time and, with the help of Kate, he seems to have acquired skills of empathy and involvement along with the ability to be genuinely happy," said Judi.

The expert then discussed Prince William and Kate's marriage as she revealed that William will have looked at his parents, Prince Charles and Princess Diana's marriage, and seen what did not work. 

"Like his marriage to Kate, which involved an excessively long period of thought, assessment, and reflecting on what hadn’t worked in the past before he even got to the proposal, William seems to be taking an approach to the job that involves avoiding the mistakes of a previous generation and building something newer and stronger," said Judi.

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The expert then compared Prince Charles' marriage to Camilla Parker Bowles, and Prince William's marriage to Kate Middleton. 

"Even with a wife he loves at his side, Charles tends to look isolated and remote. William hasn’t only formed a strong, happy, fun royal team with his wife, that working team is obviously expanding as their children grow up. He seems to be playful as well as dutiful," said Judi.

The expert concluded by saying that while Prince William seems grounded and has a positive public perception, Prince Charles comes across as 'sad' and confused by the way he is perceived.

"Prince William seems to have a reasonable understanding of the world outside the palace walls. Charles, on the other hand, gives the impression of being secretly sad and slightly puzzled by real life as well as the public’s view of him," concluded Judi.

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