Ticket to see Queen in Christmas pantomime goes up for auction

The ticket also comes with an original photograph from the Queen's youth

Ticket to see Queen in Christmas pantomime goes up for auction
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A ticket to see the Queen in pantomime is up for sale, as part of a rare royal memorabilia auction. 

  • A ticket to see the Queen in a Christmas pantomime has gone up for auction ahead of her Platinum Jubilee 2022. 
  • The Queen performed in multiple festive plays with her younger sister, Princess Margaret, as a teenager in World War II.
  • In other royal news, stunning new tribute to the Queen shows her enjoying favorite hobby for Platinum Jubilee.

If you've ever wanted to see the Queen in pantomime, now's your chance—sort of. 

A ticket to one of her teenage Christmas plays has been dug up from the archives and placed on auction for royal fans, along with an original photograph from the production and its accompanying brochure.  

The historical trio gives a rare insight into Her Majesty's theatrical pursuits from her childhood at Windsor Castle with her younger sister, Princess Margaret. The talented sisters regularly took to the stage during their youth, performing a series of pantomimes between 1941 and 1944 to raise money for the British allies in World War II. 

The plays were well received by both family and friends, and have even been credited for the role in the relationship between Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip. In fact, it was the Queen's quirky teenage outfit during her portrayal of Alladin in 1943 that is said to have caught the future consort's eye. 

The highest bidder for this royal relic will receive a ticket for the Old Mother Red Riding Boots Christmas Pantomime, which took place on 23 December 1944 at Waterloo Chamber, as well as a full program brochure for the production. 

Queen auction

An original photo, a ticket and a program brochure from the Queen's Christmas pantomime in 1944 are all up for auction 


Perhaps, most excitingly, the auction also includes a black-and-white photo of Princess Elizabeth, who played the role of Lady Christina Sherwood, and Princess Margaret, who starred as Honourable Lucinda Fairfax, posing on stage in full costume. The royal heiresses, aged 18 and 14 respectively, performed in four pantomimes in total during the war. 

The photo belonged to the late Stanley Williams, who has been described as a superintendent at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle. He is also understood to have managed Old Mother Red Riding Boots. The show itself was written and produced by school principal Hubert Tanner, who mixed elements of different fairytales to create an uplifting play at a time of political and social turmoil. 

As of Thursday morning, the highest bid for the trio of items is £750. 

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