This royal couple has been transformed into Barbie and Ken for a very special anniversary but the results are hilarious

A beloved royal couple has been transformed into Barbie and Ken and the public is completely divided by these unusual dolls

This royal couple has been transformed into Barbie and Ken
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This royal couple has been transformed into Barbie and Ken - and the public is divided by their interesting look.

In a post on social media, Mike Tindall delighted fans as he shared an image of himself and his wife, Zara as Barbie dolls. Of course, this image was totally AI generated and sadly these dolls aren't an official Mattel product that is available to purchase, but nonetheless, fans were amused by these freaky dolls with the faces of the royal couple morphed onto the plastic body. 

Fans adored this image and loved seeing the lighter and more comical side of this couple's relationship. "This is brilliant," said one commenter. "Couple of absolute sorts 🔥🔥" said another. 

Another suggested that Zara's Barbie was slightly off and in fact, she was much better looking in real life. "Honestly Zara is prettier…" said the commenter. Others thought the Barbie doll was a great likeness, "I LOVE ittt. Zara is THE BARBIE" said another commenter.

Mike also received some friendly ribbing from some of his celebrity pals as some joked about his Ken doll's hair. Ben Foden commented, "You wish you had that lid 😂😂😂" Andy Goode also chimed in to say, "Have you had your lid done?!"

In real life, Mike Tindall has a shaved bald head look that he has had for decades. So his Ken doll's full head of blonde locks was perhaps a little far from the mark by the AI generator.

Zara Tindall and Mike Tindall look loved up at Royal Ascot

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The post from Mike was actually in celebration of a special wedding anniversary as he and his wife Zara marked the 12-year milestone since they tied the knot in 2011. The caption of the post from Mike thanked fans for their kind messages and joked about how young he and Zara looked in doll form. "Thanks for the messages, it’s been a great 12 years. Feel we are getting younger!!! 😂 #zarbieandTen," read the caption.

Although the couple has been married for 12 years, it was revealed that there was a relative who was 'dead against' Zara and Mike Tindall marrying back in 2011. In an interview with The Times, Mike's father Philip revealed that Mike's grandmother was against their match. "He started playing for England in 2000 and it wasn’t too long before he met and moved in with Zara. Linda’s mum was dead against it," said Philip.

He explained that Linda believed that their family would be 'shunned' because the Queen's granddaughter would be marrying a commoner and the public wouldn't like it."In her day, royalty married royalty and she thought the wedding would be shunned," he said. Luckily this couldn't be further from the truth and the down-to-earth couple continues to be an asset to the Royal Family.

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