The sad event that could change Princess Charlotte’s royal title forever revealed

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's only daughter may no longer be called Princess Charlotte in the case of a tragic Royal Family event

How Princess Charlotte’s royal title could change forever
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The only daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge is currently known as Princess Charlotte, but her title could undergo a dramatic change in the case of a sad event. 

Princess Charlotte may be known by an entirely different name in the future, a royal expert has claimed.  

The only daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge was baptized Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge shortly after her birth in 2013, but today is referred to simply as 'Princess Charlotte' (or 'mignonette', if you're going by Prince William's nickname for Charlotte.) It's understood, however, that her name could be changed permanently in the future - but only at the cost of another Royal Family member. 

Apparently, Charlotte is set to inherit the title of Princess Royal when its current incumbent, Princess Anne, passes away. Once this happens, the seven-year-old will no longer be referred to by her birth name at formal events and will instead go by her late grand-aunt's title. 

Princess Charlotte

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"The title of Princess Royal is traditionally bestowed on the eldest daughter of the monarch," royal expert Duncan Larcombe told Town and Country. "It is a title that remains for life, so Princess Charlotte will have to wait at least until the death of the current Princess Royal."

The title, Princess Royal, dates back to the 1600s and has since been awarded to seven different royal women, with Princess Anne being the latest to embrace the lofty moniker. Widely regarded as the highest honor a female member of the Royal Family can receive, it is not automatically given but instead officially bestowed at the discretion of the monarch. 

Princess Anne, 71, became Princess Royal in 1987, succeeding Mary, Princess Royal and Countess of Harewood. 

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