We're laughing at Queen Elizabeth's perfectly sassy response to photographers in this unearthed footage

We love this sassy moment from the late Queen

Queen Elizabeth - Queen Elizabeth's perfectly sassy response to photographers
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We're loving the way the late Queen Elizabeth cheekily asked the paparazzi to move out of her way in this unearthed video. 

Queen Elizabeth II was known for her poise and elegance, especially when out in public facing paparazzi and photographers - but there was one day where she seemingly had enough of their badgering. 

In a video posted to TikTok by royal fan account called The Royal Watcher, fans can see the late monarch and her sister, Princess Margaret standing next to each other at the Royal Windsor Horse Show in May 1988, where her husband, Prince Phillip, was competing in carriage driving.

During the competition that year, photographers were reportedly blocking the view of the Queen as she was trying to watch her husband and they were trying to take pictures of her and Margaret. 


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In the video, the Queen can be seen making a "shooing" gesture, ushering the photographers away from her - and you can see the words "Do you mind?" leave her mouth. The video has received over 2,500 likes since it was posted in early August, and fans have sounded off about their support of the Queen's cheeky remark. 

"THE BOSS," one person commented, referring to the Queen. And she certainly looks like the boss too, wearing a chic scarf over her head, as well as a pair of oversized sunglasses.

Queen Elizabeth's perfectly sassy response to photographers

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One fan acknowledged Margaret's facial expression that was evident, proving how proud she was of her sister. "Margaret’s little smile. Yep that’s my sister," the viewer said. 

The Queen was known for her huge love of horses and horse racing. From the young age of four years old, the Queen had Shetland ponies, and since then, was involved in other horse racing events - most notably the annual Royal Ascot races, which the whole royal family often attends together.

Queen Elizabeth's perfectly sassy response to photographers- Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles attend Royal Ascot in a horse and carriage

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With King Charles having taken the throne following Her Majesty's death last September, the Royal Family are set to host a remembrance service for Queen Elizabeth II to mark the first anniversary of her death next month. 

According to The Independent, The Prince and Princess of Wales will be delivering messages and leading tributes to the monarch on her death anniversary, although it still remains unclear whether they will be delivered publicly, or broadcast on television or a different streaming service. 

Grant Harrold, a former Royal butler, told the Independent that this first anniversary of the Queen's death will be important. 

"The public will want it to be noted, lots of people will be reflecting and remembering and that’s what the royal family will do," he recounted. 

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