Princess Diana’s wishes for William, Harry and even King Charles revealed in never-before-heard tapes

Princess Diana didn’t want Charles to be king, a trusted confidante has revealed

Princess Diana's wishes for her sons and her ex-husband have been revealed by her trusted biographer
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Just days after the anniversary of her death in 1997, Princess Diana’s trusted biographer has shared some new insight into the late Princess of Wales. He revealed her hopes that the then Prince Charles would have moved abroad and let son, Prince William, take the crown after Queen Elizabeth II. In addition to biographer Andrew Morton’s claims, previously unheard tapes of the late Princess offer more insight into the tumultuous marriage with Charles, and how he was “disappointed” Prince Harry wasn’t a girl.

Andrew Morton famously had the trust of the late Diana, Princess of Wales, as he was chosen to be her authorised biographer.

The book, released in 1992 titled Diana: Her True Story and later changed to Diana: Her True Story in Her Own Words was controversial as it focused on Diana’s suicidal thoughts within her marriage, plus bouts of depression.

Now, 26 years after her untimely death, Andrew Morton is sharing some interesting insight that didn’t make it into the book – including her true wishes for sons William and Harry, and how she hoped Charles would never be king.

Princess Diana wanted Prince Charles to 'move to Italy' and let William be King

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Mr Morton spoke with Sky News’ Trevor Phillips and revealed Diana’s “ambition was to see Prince Charles, her estranged husband, go off to Italy with his lady, being Camilla, and take up farming, sketching, watercolours and the rest of it.”

Despite many believing Diana might have been opposed to the monarchy after her soured relationship with Charles and his family, she actually had huge plans “to guide Prince William into his future destiny as King”.

Andrew also shared another hope the Princess had, and this one was more personal.

Princess Diana saw Harry being a 'wingman' to William, who had the heavy expectation of the crown in his future

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“She also saw Harry very much as a back up, as a wingman to William in the difficult, lonely job that he will face.”

Sadly, as Mr Morton bluntly put it, “Well, that hasn’t happened either.”

The brothers are, of course, said to be in a bitter feud over claims made in Harry’s memoir, Spare. Some of Harry’s allegations include Prince William “attacking” him and knocking him to the floor.

Prince William and Prince Harry continue to be estranged

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These aren’t the only new revelations coming out about the late Princess, however.

Previously unheard tapes have been previewed ahead of a new documentary set to air in the United States.

Princess Diana recorded these tapes in the 1990s for Andrew Morton, when he was trusted to write the Princess’ biography.

Snippets from the audio have been released and the late Princess shockingly claims that Charles was “disappointed” with Harry’s birth – because he’d wanted a girl.

In the audio, Diana can be heard saying, “At Harry's christening Charles went up to Mummy and said 'we're so disappointed, we wanted a girl' and Mummy snapped his head off and said 'you should realise you are lucky to have a child that's normal'.”

“Ever since that day, the shutters have come down. That's what he does when he gets somebody answering back at him.”

Diana is heard talking about Charles' alleged 'disappointment' that Harry wasn't a girl

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The documentary is called Diana: The Rest of Her Story and is due out in 2024.

Tom Jennings, who produced both the current documentary and the 2017 film, has defended the upcoming film decades after Diana’s death by saying, “It's a style of storytelling that is very difficult to do but I think it is the closest thing to the truth that you can get because nothing gets in your way.”

“It is important as part of Diana's legacy to allow more of those tapes to be heard.”

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