Mike Tindall breaks royal protocol after forgetting major relationship milestone with Zara

Mike Tindall made the hilarious blunder during an interview with his royal wife Zara on the first episode of his new podcast, Mike Drop

Mike Tindall breaks royal protocol after forgetting major relationship milestone with Zara
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Mike Tindall broke royal protocol with his wife Zara on Monday after realizing he'd forgotten a major detail about their relationship, much to the entertainment of the couple's loyal fanbase. 

Mike Tindall broke royal protocol on Monday after realizing he'd made a grave mistake in recalling his marriage history, much to the amusement of his dedicated fanbase. 

The former England rugby player welcomed his wife, Zara, as the first guest of his new podcast, Mike Drop, which will see him interview high-profile people from all over the world about one thing: horses. The release of the series comes shortly after Mike revealed his first date with Princess Anne's only daughter involved a 'boozy' lunch in a local area and highlighted their mutual love of 'getting smashed.' 

In the first episode of his solo podcast, the A-list couple chatted candidly about everything from Zara's long-spanning equestrian career to balancing the extreme sport with the parenting of their young children. Mike, 44, and Zara, 41, have three kids, together - daughters Mia, 8, and Lena, 4, and one-year-old Lucas. 

At one point in the podcast, Mike jokes, "In 2012, you married a legend." 

"Who said that?" Zara quips, before correcting her husband on an important detail. "Didn't we get married in 2011?"

Mike and Zara

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"Sorry yes, we did...," Mike replies, only to quickly rephrase his statement. The hilarious blunder sees The Good, The Bad, and The Rugby co-host also use the curse word, "Sh*t", which is language royals are (unsurprisingly) advised against using in public. Fortunately for Mike, the brief swearing didn't seem to bother Zara. The Olympian can be seen in stitches of laughter at her husband's faux pas, suggesting the rules on profanity within the Royal Family might not be as strict as you might expect. 

Mike then moves the conversation forward by questioning Zara on her experience of returning to horseriding after giving birth to their first child, Mia.

"How much did being a mum change how you thought about riding and how much did you immediately want to get back on the horse after having her?" he asks.

"I had a good horse to come back to, which is great for your confidence," Zara replies. "I always need goals in my life, and probably set many goals in my life, all the time. 

"It's hard getting your body back when you've been riding for 25 years...your muscles doing nothing, and stretching...trying to get your body back to where it was, I found it hard work," she admitted. 

Zara also revealed that she took Mia to shows with her, adding that the couple's oldest child was always "along for the ride." The most challenging thing, however, was the separation anxiety that incurred when she would get back on the saddle. 

"Mentally you feel guilty leaving your child to go do something else," she admitted. 

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