King Charles' traditional Romania guesthouse includes this sweet nod to Queen's favorite ritual

King Charles III has owned the Blue House in Viscri, Transylvania since 2006

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King Charles III's traditional Romanian guesthouse includes a special nod to one of Queen Elizabeth II's daily rituals. 

King Charles III's modest home in Transylvania contains a special nod to his late mother, Queen Elizabeth II. 

His Majesty purchased the rural guesthouse in the Romanian village of Viscri back in 2006, after growing besotted with the European nation in the late '90s. Known casually as the Blue House, the adorable property is located in the serene hills of the Zalán Valley and serves as Charles' accommodation for his annual springtime visits to Transylvania. When he is not there, the home is available to the public to rent. 

The Blue House is very different from the King's Highgrove House and Clarence House back in England, with its decor and facilities reflecting Transylvania's rich culture and history. The property is far from basic, however, boasting seven double bedrooms complete with terraces and ensuites. There's also a drawing room/dining area with a grandiose open fireplace, as well as a cushy seating area above the kitchen. 

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High ceilings, antique furnishings, and white walls give the Blue House a rustic feel, making it the perfect choice for travelers who prefer a more local experience. Outside, guests can relax on deck chairs and hammocks, or even try their hand at baking in the barn's large bread oven. 

While there is no TV or radio in any of the rooms, there is an abundance of options for staying entertained. A HiFi player with CDs can be found in the drawing room, while binoculars for birdwatching are also available to borrow. 

All rooms in the King's Blue House are "equipped with kettles for making your own tea and bottled mineral water is provided", according to its website. This is a possibly special nod to Queen Elizabeth II, who was known to enjoy afternoon tea daily. 

Visitors to the Blue House can enjoy an all-inclusive stay, including meals, activities, and access to its stunning grounds for the cost of $157 - $167 (£135 - £144) per person, per night.

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