'Deeply poignant photograph' of Princess Diana released and fans can't get over the rare snap, 'she was such a beauty!'

A rare photograph of Princess Diana has been released by the 9th Earl of Spencer as he pays tribute to his late father and older sister

Princess Diana
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Charles, the 9th Earl of Spencer, marked the death of his father and sister, with a rare photograph of Princess Diana, on All Souls Day.

Charles, the 9th Earl of Spencer paid tribute to Princess Diana and their father. The Princess died on August 31, 1997, in a car accident in Paris. Their father, the 8th Earl of Spencer died in 1992 at the age of 68 from a heart attack, which was preceded by a stroke and a bout of pneumonia. 

In memory of his father and sister, the Earl shared an image of them with a caption that paid tribute to their memory. "Today is All Souls Day - when it’s customary to remember the souls of those you love, who’ve departed: it is known in some parts of the world as the Day of the Dead."

He then spoke about the image as he said it was, "A deeply poignant photograph for me from the summer of 1989 when there was a party at Althorp to mark my father’s 65th birthday earlier that year."

Less than three years after this image was taken, the Earl of Spencer would pass in 1992. Similarly, Diana died eight years after this photo was taken. 

Fans took to the comments to compliment the Princess and discuss her beauty and radiance. "A beautiful photograph. Diana looks radiant and that smile. I do miss her," said one commenter.

"Wonderful seeing a new photo of Diana in her Spencer family setting! Thank you for posting. The timing and consideration of your posts isn’t lost on those following you. ❤️," said another.

"Lovely picture ❤️ thanks for sharing it. Princess Diana will be missed forever. Your father & sister now resting," said yet another.

Princess Diana

Charles Spencer, Prince William and Prince Harry at Princess Diana's funeral

(Image credit: Princess Diana Archive / Stringer / Getty Images)

Other commenters were quick to point out the similarities they could see between the people in the photo and the living members of the Royal Family. "Prince George looks so much like you ❤️ beautiful photo," said one fan who thought the young Prince - who is second in the royal line of succession - looked just like Charles, the Earl of Spencer. 

"Young Prince George definitely has the Spencer genes 🧬 he’s so like you!" confirmed another commenter who could also see the familial resemblance.

Others felt that they could see a similarity between the Princess and the current Prince of Wales. "Prince William looks like his mother and Prince Harry looks like his grandfather and uncle.❤️❤️" said another.

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