Charles Spencer shares photo of dad who bears uncanny resemblance to Princess Diana

Charles Spencer has stunned fans after sharing a photo of his father as a young man - and there’s a very strong resemblance to Princess Diana.

The 9th Earl Spencer took to Twitter to post the old picture of his dad John Spencer, which he had printed in colour and shows him looking smart in military clothing.

“Thanks so much @marinamaral2 for turning one of my favourite black and white pictures of my father into this beautiful colour image,”Charles, 54, wrote alongside the image.“Can’t wait to meet you at @AlthorpLitFest in October – and many congratulations on your #ColourofTime bestseller with @dgjones”.

He went on to tell a fan that his father wasa gentle, kind, man without any pretentiousness. He was a loving father, and a man who enjoyed meeting people of every background. He treated everyone with great respect.”

Fans enjoyed seeing the picture and many were struck by the similarity between John and his daughter Diana, whilst others spotted a likeness to Diana’s sons Prince William and Prince Harry.

“Diana, Princess of Wales and Charles Spencer right there! Maybe a lil bit of William and Harry!one Twitter user commented, whilst another said:i can see Diana in him”.

Meanwhile one agreed,Beautiful. I see you, Diana and Harry. That’s lovely”.

And one added,You can see the family likeness, beautiful.”

John Spencer was father to Diana, Charles and their sisters Sarah and Jane.

They enjoyed a privileged childhood and the Spencers always had connections to the Royal Family. The Queen was a guest at John’s wedding to Diana’s mother Frances.

John and Frances divorced in 1969 and John won custody of the children after a bitter custody dispute. In 1976 he went on to marry Raine, Countess of Dartmouth, the daughter of romantic novelist Barbara Cartland.

In 1992 John passed away after suffering a heart attack at the age of 68.

Princess Diana was killed in a car crash in Paris in August 1997 aged 36 but her sons William and Harry have continued to keep her legacy alive.

William sweetly gave his daughter Princess Charlotte the middle name Diana when she was born in 2015.

From our sister site Woman. Words by Anna Francis.