Woman Makes Emotional Plea About NHS Funding With Heartbreaking Picture Of Her Dying Mother

A heartbreaking photo of a daughter with her dying mother has gone viral after the young woman posted the picture online along with an emotional plea about NHS funding and NHS cuts.

The young woman, named Rebekah Hodgson, has been by her mother’s side throughout her three year battle with breast cancer, and is grateful for everything the NHS has done to support her family during such a difficult time.

Hodgson, who is currently seven months pregnant, said that after listening to politicians “lie about the state of the NHS” she felt, “compelled” to share her and her family’s experiences online ahead of the general election.

“I’ve debated long and hard about posting this as I feel it is a very private family moment which my severely ill mother may not wish to be publicised,” Rebekah, who is a teacher, said at the beginning of her post.

She continued:

“I am a seven months pregnant secondary school teacher who has sat in the Royal Berkshire Hospital for 11 days with my mother and I can promise you that our NHS is struggling.

“Last night no one was free to help my mum go to the toilet. That staff were appalled with how long she had to wait for personal care and greatly distressed to have caused her and us such upset but they had to firefight. That [this] wasn’t their fault.”

Rebekah uses her emotional post to urge her fellow voters to think about the future of the NHS when they go to vote on 8th June in the general election.

“I know from my experience in school what it is to desperately want to help but not to be able to; given a lack of funding and resources,” she said. “I know people are impassioned about Brexit & nuclear weaponry and anti-terrorism but NONE of that means anything if we cannot give our loved ones respect and care, if the values our society are based on are forgotten. What would Manchester have done without the NHS last week?

“I’ve sadly been in and out of this hospital for three years and I am watching it crumble before me. Please, if you really think it is just a ‘lefty/Snowflake banging on about the NHS and schools’ come down here then. Spend time on these wards. Watch the suffering and then ask yourself what the right way to cast your vote is.”

Rebekah finished her impassioned post with an emotional plea:

“I don’t want sympathy for my situation, please, I want justice for our NHS and its patients. For the ‘immigrant’ doctors who saved my mum on Thursday night, staying five hours longer on shift in a bid to help my mum meet my son in two months and for all the young people who want to go to university to study to become doctors and nurses who can’t afford the fees.”

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The heartfelt post went viral after Rebekah posted it online. To date, it has been shared over 30,000 times, with thousands more sharing their support. Ahead of the general election, here are the Labour manifesto, Conservative manifesto and Lib Dem manifesto pledges concerning the NHS:

The Labour Manifesto “For The Many Not The Few”

These are the key labour policies and pledges concerning the NHS from the Labour Manifesto:

  • “The next Labour government will reverse privatisation of our NHS and return our health service into expert public control. Labour will repeal the Health and Social Care Act that puts profits before patients, and make the NHS the preferred provider. We will reinstate the powers of the Secretary of State for Health to have overall responsibility for the NHS.”
  • Guaranteed access to treatment within 18 weeks, aiming to take 1 million people off NHS waiting lists by the end of next Parliament
  • Patients will be seen in A&E within four hours
  • End mixed-sex wards and aim to stop the breach of safe levels of bed occupancy
  • Help 2.5 million people living with cancer by implementing the Cancer Strategy for England in full by 2020
  • Reduce time it takes ambulances to respond to emergencies by properly resourcing ambulance services
  • “We will work towards a new model of community care that takes into account not only primary care but also social care and mental health.”
  • Increased funding to GP services and over £30 billion in extra funding to the NHS over the next Parliament
  • “Labour will tackle the growing problem of rationing of services and medicines across England, taking action to address ‘postcode lotteries’ and making sure that the quality of care you receive does not depend on which part of the country you live in.”
  • Labour want to fund free parking in NHS England for everyone by increasing the tax on private medical insurance premiums
  • Labour intend to scrap the NHS pay cap and in the long-term, ensure the NHS has “the best trained staff in the world.”
  • “Labour will immediately guarantee the rights of NHS staff working in our health and care services.”

The Conservative Manifesto “Forward Together, Our Plan for a Stronger Britain and a Prosperous Future”

These are the key Conservative policies and pledges concerning the NHS from the Conservative Manifesto:

  • Theresa May’s Conservatives promise to deliver, “exceptional healthcare, whenever, wherever, delivered by an NHS with the money, buildings and people it needs.”
  • Increase NHS spending by a minimum of £8 billion in real terms over the next five years
  • Ensure that the NHS and social care system have the nurses, midwives, doctors, carers and other health professionals that it needs
  • Prioritise the 140,000 NHS staff from EU countries in Brexit negotiations to ensure they can carry on making their vital contribution to our health and care system
  • Continue investing in the number of students in medical training
  • Ensure that the NHS has the buildings and technology it needs to deliver care properly and efficiently
  • Recover the costs of medical treatment from people not resident in the UK and ensure that new NHS numbers are not issued to patients until their eligibility has been verified, as well as increasing the Immigration Health Surcharge, to £600 for migrant workers and £450 for international students, to cover their use of the NHS
  • Introduce a new GP contract to help develop wider primary care services “We want the NHS to become a better employer. We will strengthen the entitlement to flexible working to help those with caring responsibilities for young children or older relatives.”
  • The Conservatives aim to retain the 95 per cent A&E target and the 18-week elective care standard so that those needing care receive it in a timely fashion.
  • “We will continue to help the NHS on its journey to being the safest healthcare system in the world.”

The Lib Dem Manifesto

  • These are the key Lib Dem policies and pledges concerning the NHS from the Lib Dem Manifesto:
  • Save the NHS by putting a penny in the pound on income tax to give the NHS and social care services the cash they need.
  • Make waiting times for mental health care match those for physical health care.
  • Limit the amount elderly people have to pay for social care.
  • Guarantee the rights of all NHS and social care service staff who are EU nationals, the right to stay in the UK.
  • End the public sector pay freeze for NHS workers.
  • Reinstate student nurse bursaries.
  • Support innovation in how organisations can empower staff and patients, including learning from innovative social enterprises delivering community and mental health services.
  • Protect NHS whistle-blowers.
  • Promote easier access to GPs, expanding evening and weekend opening to meet the needs of local patients, encouraging online, phone and Skype appointments, encouraging GPs to work together in federations, and allowing people more choice.