Woman&home teams up with Charity Film Awards – and fans can vote for their favourite

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  • Woman&home has teamed up with the Charity Film Awards to highlight a stream of important causes.

    The Charity Film Awards celebrate short films made by different charities, all of which work towards supporting important causes.

    Charity Film Awards demonstrate that in the modern world film-making is the most powerful piece of equipment in the charity communication tool box,’ says the organisation on their website.

    ‘They prove that the common perception of charities’ video content is incorrect. We provide a platform for cause based films to connect with the public to inspire, incite to action, excite and change behaviour.

    ‘The charities that enter Charity Film Awards have created videos that have the power to move, to warm hearts, to inspire, to engage…. to change the world. To do good. The Charity Film Awards are designed to celebrate those qualities and help charities connect with a wider audience’.

    woman home partners charity film awards

    CHARITY FILM OF THE YEAR – St John Ambulance – Presented by Linda Robson and Sally Phillips (Credit: Charity Film Awards)

    Every year, more than 300 charities take part in the Charity Film Awards. From household names to small local charities, the causes they represent cover children, cancer, homelessness, animal welfare, international development and education.

    The films themselves are heart-warming, inspiring and moving.

    So woman&home has teamed up with Charity Film Awards to bring you a moving selection of the best of these films.

    Woman&home’s special set of films includes five options that have been shortlisted to win the award – and fans can contribute to their success by casting a vote for their favourite.

    First up is a film by the Born Free Foundation, an international wildlife charity that aims to ‘Keep Wildlife in the Wild’.

    Second is a film by the Anthony Nolan charity, which campaigns to support those living with blood cancer by finding incredible people who are willing to donate stem cells.

    Another option is a film made by the Campaign to End Loneliness that aims to encourage conversation and connection in order to tackle the nationwide epidemic.

    Charity School Food Matters also created a film in order to encourage fresh and sustainable eating among school children, while company British Gas has teamed up with Carers UK to make their film.

    The film has been made to highlight the impact that caring for someone who is older, disabled or seriously ill can have on a long-term carer’s life.

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    Cast your vote here

    Charity Film Awards

    woman&home has teamed up with Charity Film Awards to create a special set of films especially for our readers to vote on.

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    If you want to get involved in the charitable cause, head over to the website to watch the short films and cast your vote.

    Many thanks!

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