Will you be booking tickets for Viva Forever the musical?…Today’s Debate

Yesterday saw the launch of Viva Forever, a musical set to hit the London stage at the end of this year and all based on the songs of the Spice Girls.

The members of the 90s girl band reunited for the launch in London along with comedy genius Jennifer Saunders, who has penned the script, and musical producer Judy Craymer – the brains who brought Mamma Mia! to the silver screen.

It’s the involvement of the latter two that really sparks our interest and makes us think perhaps the show could be worth a girls’ night out because, unlike the unforgettable catalogue of Abba songs, at w&h we’re hard pushed to remember more than a couple of the Spice Girls’ songs and lyrics.

Mind you, the various members of the band still hold fascination for us – we can’t help but watch the interviews with the group in the hope that maybe, just maybe Victoria Beckham will one day allow herself to smile!

What about you – are you excited at the prospect of a spicy night out? Tell us in the forums now.