Will James Bond Ever Take Home An Oscar? Today’s Debate

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  • It’s the longest running film franchise of all time, the biggest smash hit movie of the year, and the bookies were so sure it would be nominated for a Best Picture Oscar, they offered even odds. Yet Skyfall still failed to make the cut when the nominees were announced yesterday. So what’s going on?
    Could it be the 007 curse striking again? Some suspect it is this that has prevented our favourite spy from walking off with any of the major prizes for an astonishing 50 years. Over the decades, there has been the odd nod in technical and minor categories but no golden glory days for poor old 007.
    But we do still have some hope. Not only has singer Adele been nominated for best original song for the Skyfall theme, we’ve also had nods for sound and cinematography.
    Not this will likely soothe the blow of the snub for director Sam Mendes or the movie’s formidable stars, Dame Judi Dench (in her final turn as M), Javier Bardem (as arguably the scariest Bond villain ever) and, of course, the man himself, Daniel Craig. But they will have some reason to celebrate at the 85th Academy Awards show next month as a special tribute will be included to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Bond franchise.
    So it’s about time Bond had its turn in the Oscars spotlight! Don’t you think?!
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