Who’d get your Oscar’s vote? …Today’s debate

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  • Before the nominations were announced last month, most of us were confident we’d be up for a few awards this year but it seems our efforts were not enough to impress the Academy.

    Despite grossing over a billion and receiving rave reviews, poor old Bond failed to get a nod for Skyfall. Daniel Craig’s name was left off the Best Actor list and our beloved dame Judi Dench didn’t make the cut for Best Supporting Actress, even in her final turn as M.

    Hopes were high for our other grand dame Helen Mirren but her turn in Hitchcock apparently didn’t cut the mustard. And there was nothing for dear Maggie Smith either, despite characteristically strong performances in both of her movie hits The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and Quartet.

    There is one Brit in there though, well sort of as it seems ‘Australian’ actress Naomi Watts, who is nominated for The Impossible, is actually British born. That counts, right?!

    And many will be pinning their hopes on Daniel Day-Lewis who is up for an(other) award for Best Actor to add to his mantelpiece, for his stirring portrayal of Lincoln.

    Of course the biggest British film to make it onto the nominations list is Les Miserables, which is, quite rightly, up for Best Film. Will the heartbreaking musical triumph over competition from the likes of Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained and Ben Affleck’s Argo? We certainly hope so.

    But what do you think? Let us know your Oscar predictions – and the names you’d have liked to see among the nominations – in the comments box below or on our forums

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