What Will Happen When The Queen Dies?

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  • She’s arguably the most well-known monarch around the world. And she’s certainly the longest reigning, having served for 65 years. So when the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth II dies, it’s undeniably going to be one of the biggest events in history.

    We know – it’s morbid. But given her status and importance, did you know that an extensive plan has already been set in place for the moments after the Queen passes away? After all, she is a head of state, and the reprecussions following that loss are huge. And apparently, the Queen is well aware of the events that will take place in the moments after she’s gone.

    So what is the plan following her death?

    •  A secret code word will inform important figures around the world of her death, which is ‘London Bridge is down’. The message will go out on secure lines to the Prime Minister, and the 15 governments outside the UK where she is head of state. Then, the following 36 Commonwealth states will be informed, where she also rules.
    • The media will be told next. TV shows will be interrupted to announce the news, and radio shows will also go to the news. Media outlets are also said to have reams of footage to commemorate her death ready to go now.

    • Both Houses of Parliament will be recalled.
    • Government officials, ambassadors, and prime ministers wil don black armbands on their left arm, as a sign of respect for the monarch.
    • Prince Charles, who will become the new King, will be expected to make a speech to the nation almost straight away. He will then be sworn in as the new ruler of the United Kingdom.
    • People will go home from work early, and airline pilots will inform passengers on board their plane.
    • Her funeral will take place 12 days after her death, during which a period of national mourning will take place. It will be held at Westminster Abbey, as previous funerals for members of the royal family have.

    But, despite the revelation of these plans, the Queen is currently fit and healthy. Although she has scaled back her royal duties following her 90th birthday last year, she is in excellent fitness, most recently spotted opening the National Army Museum in London on 17th March, and the Commonwealth ceremony last week.

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