Will The Duchess Of Cornwall Inspire You To Try A New Hobby?

Would you love to try your hand at jewellery making? Could you create a delicious artisan loaf? Or your own soft furnishings?

These are just some of the heritage crafts celebrated at the official launch of GrandFest 2016, a festival where you can attend master classes given by the older generation who want to pass on skills they’ve learnt to a younger generation.
The Duchess of Cornwall was guest of honour at today’s launch – she is President of Royal Voluntary Service, which is running the festival – where she chatted with some of the craftsmen and women who will appear at the festival.

In fact, we overheard the Duchess telling spinner (of the wool variety) Elizabeth Lee that she would love to give it a whirl!

Here are three crafters who inspired us at today’s event.

Celia Dennis, 72, crocheter
Celia’s interest in crochet was sparked by her grandmother -she would sit at her knee while making decorative table mats. Celia now regularly crafts gifts for family and friends, such as babies’ shawls and cardigans and she believes crochet is a great way to relax.

Rae Wilson, 75 preserve maker
“I love making jams, jellies and chutneys,” says Rae. “It concerns me that many of the skills older people possess are not being taught to the younger generations and are at risk of dying out.”

Elizabeth Anne Lee, 75, spinner
“Spinning is a great form of meditation and it’s interesting to learn how to make beautiful yarns,” says Elizabeth.” I’m really excited to be teaching at GrandFest, where I’ll show you how to turn wool into yarn which can then be woven into fabric.”

Now in its second year, GrandFest is happening on Sunday 5 June in Spitalfields, east London, and master classes will include breadmaking, crochet, woodturning and more. To book a class click here

Click below for a video of the launch event. 


Apester Lazyload