Tonkey Bear: The Dog That Will Melt Even The Most Dedicated Cat Lover’s Heart

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  • Meet Tonkey. She’s a four-month-old Shar Pei puppy from Canada who’s become something of an internet sensation thanks to her teddy bear looks.

    Eight weeks ago, Tonkey (or Tonkey Bear as she’s known at home) joined Instagram. Her antics with big sister, rescue dog Maxi, plus that heart-shaped nose, those gorgeous green eyes and tiny paws, have won her 178k followers so far.

    Tonkey Bear’s owner, Christine Park is a bit taken a back with Tonkey’s new-found stardom. She said: ‘8 weeks ago I created Tonkey her own Instagram account for the sole purpose of making friends myself’. The way it was supposed to go down: post photo of cute dog, cute dog attracts good-looking friends, good-looking friends want to hang out with me.’ Instead we all just want to hang out with Tonkey!

    She’s @bearcoat-tonkey if you need a daily dose of cuteness.

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