TikTok hack reveals the best food to eat when flying

The trick to staying healthy when flying is keeping yourself well nourished

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As the Holidays approach, many will be flying off to be with friends and family all over. Thanks to this TikTok hack, you can keep healthy and hydrated while in transit.

Airplane food doesn’t have the best reputation—just ask any stand-up comic looking to rely on an easy joke.

Though airplane food has the reputation of being, at best, lacking in flavour or, at worst, unhealthy and unrecognizable, there are ways you can keep your body nourished as you’re travelling about this holiday season.

Social media star Kat Kamalani, a flight attendant who has amassed over 750,000 followers thanks to her various travel hacks, has shared her tips for what to eat while on a plane.


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She explains that she brings the same snacks for every flight—be it for "business, family, vacation, or work".

Narrating the clip while showing the neatly packed container, Kat says: "I always bring my insulated bag and water bottle to keep hydrated".

She also keeps a, "headache ice bag," to keep her food chilled on long journeys.

She explains: "First off, I always make sure I bring veggies and a piece of fruit."


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She then shows off a packaged snack and says, "Next, I have to have something that curbs my sweet tooth and I love these Skinny Dipped travel packs and I love how they are filled with clean ingredients."

"In case there are any delays, I always bring a stack of protein bars."

Other items that make good airline snacks, according to Kat, include protein-packed waffles, which she says she "never leaves the house" without, and hard-boiled eggs.

Kat also has plenty of other useful travel tips, such as how to pack your bag in the most efficient way.

Hopefully, these tips will get your Thanksgiving and Christmas plans off to a flying start.

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