This Weeks Royal News

Last week saw Prince William, Prince Harry, and the Duchess of Cambridge take to the stage to speak out on mental health education and support, for their new campaign Heads Together. Kate debuted a bouncy new hairstyle, and also teased her husband about his plans to eventually run a marathon.

In addition, rumours that Prince William was set to quit his job as an air ambulance pilot circulated, whilst there was talk that the Queen could soon be adding two dogs to her collection at Buckingham Palace.

All in all, it was an eventful week for the family. But what’s new with the Royals this week? Read on to find out…

Why Does Prince William Not Wear His Wedding Ring? 

Since their glamorous wedding in the summer of 2011, the Duchess and Duke of Cambridge have always been the picture-perfect happy couple, regularly attending events and engagements together with smiles on their faces. But one detail may have slipped your notice over the years – the fact that Prince William never wears his wedding ring.

But never fear – it’s not because the royal is any less devoted to his wife than we hope. The truth of the matter is that, simply, the Prince dislikes wearing jewellery of any kind – and so chooses not to. The fact was actually officially announced by St. James’ Palace before the couples’ wedding six years ago.

And Prince William isn’t the only member of his family to stay away from wearing his wedding ring. Prince Philip also has never worn one to symbolise his marriage to the Queen, although Prince Charles always has.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, also rarely wears her wedding band but is never seen without her engagement ring – the famous £28,000 sapphire first worn by Princess Diana when she was married to Prince Charles.  

Prince Harry’s Run Around The Streets Of London For Charity 

Prince Harry was recently spotted out and about on the streets of London, on a quick 2km jog with The Running Charity, who support homeless young people.  

The Prince is following in his mothers footsteps by supporting the charity, as their north-west London hostel was opened by Princess Diana back in 1995.


The young royal ran accompanied by members of the charity and a Metropolitan police protection officer, and was spotted by various members of the excited public whilst out jogging. One fellow runner and the charity programme office Claude said, “As we were leaving, there was a guy at the traffic lights who looked across and did a double take. There was also a woman who started taking pictures of him.”

And apparently, Harry breezed through the exercise regime. Claude took them through an intensive warm up of squats and jumps, but said, “He didn’t find any of it hard. Although he kept giving me looks every time I said, ‘Five squats!'”.


Fancy The Chance To Live And Work At Buckingham Palace?

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work and live at Buckingham Palace has just opened up – but don’t get out your crown just yet, because you won’t quite be living like a Royal in this position.

Buckingham Palace have recently put up an advert for a live-in housekeeping assistant to tend to the royal residence, and the potential candidate’s primary role will be to take care of and maintain the Queen’s surroundings, with the job post stating that “you’ll clean and care for interiors and items from carpets and furniture to historic vases and irreplaceable paintings.” And the position of course requires the highest standards of employee – with the advertisement warning “this is no standard housekeeping role”.

But don’t get us wrong – there are definitely some perks to this royal role. While the salary could be better (£16,755 a year), the job includes your meals, and a room at the stunning Buckingham Palace. Plus, you’ll most likely get to meet the Queen and other members of the Royal family. Where do we sign up?

Wannabe candidates have until 12 February to apply – so dig out that CV and polish up your cover letter – you’ll be facing some stiff competition.

The Duchess of Cambridge Reveals What It’s Like To Be A Princess

The Duchess has gone on her third official engagement of the year, paying a visit to the East Anglia Children’s Hospices in Norfolk earlier this morning. And whilst there, she offered a sweet reponse to an adorable little girl who asked her what it’s like to be a ‘real princess’. In answer to the question, the Duchess revealed that she is “very well looked after” by Prince William.

And Catherine, chatting with a fellow mother, also revealed that her children are often less well behaved than she might like, stating “Charlotte and George run off in different directions all the time”.

Kate wore an emerald green Hobbs with a pair of pointed black courts to meet the young children. Children at the hospice, which is just an hour away from Catherine’s current home Amner Hall, came out in their droves to meet her, and one little girl in particular caught the attention of the Duchess. A young girl called Lily handed Kate a hand-drawn picture of her with an adorable note reading “Princess Kate, it’s an honour to meet you.”


Queen Reveals What She Thinks Of President Trump

She’s Head of the Commonwealth, ruling over 52 independent and sovereign states, and Queen of a further 12 independent countries. She’s also Commander-in-Chief of the British Armed Forces. So it’s left some people wondering, why is one of the most influential women in the world yet to comment on the election of President Donald Trump? Apparently however, she already has – although this information has not yet been released on the official Royal website, The Home Of The Royal Family. A spokesman for Her Majesty has said that the Queen did congratulate the new President following his inauguration, but the official message has not yet been made public. 

The pair are set to have their first meeting in the summer of this year, after the Queen issues Trump with an invitation. Some are expecting that Prime Minister Theresa May will deliver the invitation to Trump when she makes her official visit to the White House on 27th January.

Prince Charles Gives Theresa May Royal Seal Of Disapproval

It has been revealed that the Prime Minister, Theresa May, is yet to receive an invitation to Clarence House for an official meeting with the Prince Charles – despite having been Prime Minister for six months already. The King-to-be traditionally always meets with the current political leader, so could there be tension between the pair? Prince Charles, an ardent environmentalist and co-author of new Ladybird book on climate change, could well be conflicted over his opinion of the current Prime Minister due to her own stance on climate change. Since coming into office, Theresa May has already abolished the climate change department of Parliament which has been in operation since 2008.

Queen Makes Appearance At Sandringham Church

The Queen made sure to wrap up warm for a church service at Sandringham recently, wearing a camel coat with big fur cuffs – sure to keep her feeling toasty in this cold weather. She attended the service with Prince Philip in tow, who appeared to be his usual cheeky self – joking with a guard dressed only in a suit that “You’re going to get awfully cold if you stand here without a coat!”.

Prince Harry Reveals He Misses Army Life


On a trip to a Help for Heroes recovery centre in Wiltshire for injured servicemen and women, the ex-military man has admitted that he often misses the “camraderie” and “black humour” of the army. Prince Harry served in the military for 10 years before leaving in June 2015, and was drafted to Afghanistan twice during his time there.

New Pictures Of A Young Kate Middleton Emerge

Previously unseen pictures and a video of a nine-year-old Kate Middleton at her uncle’s wedding in 1991 have just been released – and they’re pretty adorable. Kate was pictured at the wedding of Carole Middleton’s younger brother Gary, who was marrying Miranda Foote at St
Peter’s Church, near the family home in Burnham, Buckinghamshire.


Also in attendence was her sister Pippa, then seven, and younger brother James, then three, who bears a spooky resemblance to Prince George – who is the same age now. The two sisters donned matching pink bridesmaids dresses, and a young
Kate proved to be a natural in front of the camera from an early age, waving and
smiling while Pippa looked slightly less pleased! James took on the role of page boy on the day, and was decked out in a smart blue and black suit.

 The video captures an excitable Kate waving off the wedding car and posing for photos, while her younger sister proves less happy, attempting to take off her crown before the group photo is taken. Carole Middleton is also pictured in the footage wearing a patterened suit – keeping a keen eye on her three young children.