Apparently Theresa May Has Upset The Queen And This is Why

Theresa May has upset a fair few people over the last week, including her own MPs who she was reported to have told, “I got us into this mess, and I’m going to get us out of it.”

However, Mrs May could be about to add another name to the list of those she wants to apologise to, as reports emerged this morning revealing that the Prime Minister could be on the cusp of upsetting the Queen.

Following the election last week, the Conservative party are currently negotiating to make a coalition government, meaning the Queen’s speech outlining the planned legislation for Parliament has been delayed.

The Queen’s speech, which was meant to take place on Monday 19th June, is usually written by the government, but due to Friday’s general election result it has been delayed by a few days.

This delay, although only by a couple of days, is set to cause chaos in Her Majesty’s carefully planned diary, with the new date for the speech expect to clash with the Queen’s yearly engagements at Royal Ascot.

Royal Ascot is a favourite public engagement for the Queen, who is a well-known lover of all things equestrian. Her Majesty attends Royal Ascot each year without fail, and it has been said that the event is one of the first engagements to go into Her Majesty’s diary at the beginning of the year because she enjoys it so much.

So, if the Queen is forced to miss the first engagement at Royal Ascot on account of Theresa May, one can only imagine how displeased Her Majesty will be.