How To Get Hamilton Tickets

The first wave of Hamilton tickets have already sold out in London. An eager 100,000
UK theatre-goers signed up for the chance to get a much-coveted seat when the priority tickets
were released on Monday. Hamilton is one of the most successful musicals to ever hit the Broadway stage, and while many UK fans were successful, the remaining few will get a second chance to snap up Hamilton tickets when they go on general release on 30th January. The show will run for 6 months from December 2017 to June 2018 at Victoria Palace Theatre with tickets starting from £32.50.

Centred around the story of the American founding father Alexander
Hamilton and the American revolution, the hip-hop musical has been
wildly successful since it opened in 2015, having gone on to win a staggering 11 Tony Awards. 

But the show hasn’t been without it’s fair share of controversy during it’s run so far. Back in November 2016, it became embroiled in a political war of words after a member of the show’s cast made a plea to Donald Trump’s future vice-president Mike Pence, who was in the audience that night.

When taking the curtain call, the cast member declared to Pence, “We are the diverse America, who are anxious that your new administation will not protect us. We truly hope that this show has inspired you to uphold our American values and to work on behalf of all of us – this diverse group of men and women delivering this show, from different classes, creeds and orientations.”

The speech lead to a series of tweets from the president-elect Donald Trump, who asked that the cast apologise to Pence for being “very rude”.



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