6 Reasons We Are Excited For The Second Series Of The Victoria ITV Historical Drama To Hit Our Screens

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  • The must-anticipated second season of the Victoria ITV historical drama will be hitting our screens later this year. Actress Jenna Coleman will be reprising her role as the strong-willed monarch, alongside her onscreen (and now official off-screen beau) Tom Hughes, who will return as the handsome and brooding Prince Albert.

    When the very first picture was released of the new season, showing Victoria and Albert as parents for the very first time, our excitement for the second series of the Victoria ITV drama began to build. Now, the team behind the popular show have released even more intruiging sneak peeks into the new series – including a new photo of Jenna Coleman and Tom Hughes in costume as Victoria and Albert.

    Fans will have to sit tight for a little longer as the second series isn’t due to air until autumn, but for now, here are 6 reasons we’re excited about the return of the new Victoria ITV series:

    The first Victoria ITV trailer looks brilliant!

    The very first trailer for Victoria season 2 has been released, and now we’re even more excited for it than ever. 

    The trailer shows the first look at Victoria and Albert’s daughter, at her christening at Westminster Abbey. But although it sounds like a new baby should be a happy event, it seems that the new arrival is going to be anything but for Queen Victoria – who famously resented giving birth whilst on the throne.

    Victoria and Albert will be parents in this series

    The new series will explore Victoria and Albert’s new life as parents and how they adapt to it, as well as the challenges they face. Queen Victoria had 9 children in total and famously hated being pregnant so relied on Prince Albert to help her with her royal duties. The second series marks an exciting new chapter for the loveable couple.

    The show’s creator Daisy Goodwin said: “Victoria is the only Queen Regnant to marry and give birth while on the throne and the challenges of being head of state as well as a wife and mother are legion. In many ways, Victoria’s dilemma is a modern one – how do you have a successful marriage and a happy family when you are holding down an important job. Can you really have it all?”

    Dame Diana Rigg will be joining the cast for season 2

    Game of Thrones star and all-round acting legend, Dame Diana Rigg will be joining the cast for the second series. Rigg will take on the role of the Duchess of Buccleuch, Queen Victoria’s “outspoken” advisor who served from 1841 to 1846.

    Queen Victoria herself described the Mistress of Robes as “an agreeable, sensible, clever little person.” She later became godmother to the Duchess’ daughter.

    Season 2 is set 6 weeks after the first series

    Series one drew to a close with Victoria going into labour with her first child and it has been revealed that the second season will take place just six weeks after. Thankfully, we won’t have missed much action, as we’ll be joining the couple pretty much where we left off!

    Producers have revealed this season will cover events of the 1840s, an era of poverty for many, but one of great fertility for her Majesty, (she did have 9 children after all).

    In the new eight part series, Victoria and Albert will come up against their fair share of challenges. As suggested by show creator Daisy Goodwin who hinted that the course of true love “does not run smooth” for the royal couple. 

    The tumultuous times for the couple can be clearly seen in a new picture released from the show, showing a contented looking Queen Victoria happily clapping at her regal best next to a brooding and concerned looking Prince Albert.

    There Will Be More Dogs

    Tori, a 10-year-old
    Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, played Victoria’s dog Dash in the first
    season, but soon he may well be joined by more four-legged companions.
    The show’s creator Daisy Goodwin has hinted more furry friends are on
    the way for season 2.

    She previously tweeted: “I do know that there will be dogs.”

    A Victoria Christmas Special has been announced

    With the second series due to air on our screens in autumn, it’s also been announced that viewers can expect a Christmas Special this year too. Even better news? It’s 2 hours long. Which is practically the equivalent of a full feature length film!

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