The Obamas’ Best Moments

Barack and Michelle Obama are quite literally the definition of the term “power couple”. They’ve gained worldwide attention with their dedication and support for one another, and their ability to have fun while tackling serious global issues.

And the former President Obama has left one last parting message to American citizens, as Donald Trump prepares to take over the presidency with his inauguration today. In a letter sent out to the White House’s email list earlier this week, Barack penned an emotional statement, thanking the American public for everything they’d taught him. He said, “You made me a better President, and you made me a better man”. The former leader of America also left them with a message of hope towards the end of his letter. He stated, “Remember, America is not the project of any one person. The single most powerful word in our democracy is the word ‘We’.” He also reassured citizens that he wouldn’t be going far, saying “I’ll be right there with you every step of the way.”

The pair celebrated Michelle’s 53rd birthday on Tuesday, and Barack made sure to tweet a tribute to his wife for her special day. See the adorable Twitter message below…


The former president also announced some of his favourite books – and it’s an impressive list. Topping Obama’s list is the 1948 war novel The Naked and The Dead, with Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude coming in at a close second. Obama has even gone as far as to pass on his much-loved novels to his oldest daughter Sasha, who is currently studying at high school. And the President clearly isn’t a stranger to some of the classics either, admitting that he loved Shakespeare at school – particularly The Tempest.

Obama also revealed a little-known passion of his – writing short stories. And, although he admitted he hasn’t had much of a chance to get stuck into writing since becoming President, he said how writing them helped him to carve out an identity when he was younger.

And it seems Barack isn’t the only aspiring author in the Obama family. It’s recently been revealed that the former First Lady may well enter the literary profession following her departure from the White House, to become a children’s author. Obama’s deputy chief-of-staff Michelle Winter has said that, while Michelle has no firm plans upon leaving the presidency, she could be a “wonderful children’s author”, something she suspects would be a “natural way to exhale from an experience like this.”


Obama recently left the vice-President Joe Biden in tears as he awarded him with
the Presidential Medal of Freedom – the highest honour that can be given
to a civilian in the US.

The president praised his right-hand man for his “love of country
and lifetime of service”. The pair have long been discussed on the
internet for their famous “bromance”, and last night, Obama joked that
this would be the last time people could mock their close friendship. 

award was presented to Joe Biden with his wife Jill in attendence, whom
he took a moment to kiss after being surprised by Obama with the award.
Joe closed the ceremony by emotionally stating the gratitude he feels
towards the president – “My President, I’m indebted to you. I’m indebted
to your friendship. I’m indebted to your family.”

Stevie Wonder also reduced a member of the family to tears
before they left the White House, serenading Michelle with a medley
rendition of some of his hits, including ‘Isn’t She Lovely’ and ‘My
Cherie Amour’. Stevie also changed one of the lines in his songs,
singing “You’ll always be First Lady in our eyes” – especially for
Michelle. The current First Lady was appearing on the American chat show
The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, when Stevie appeared and dedicated his set to her.

and Barack have been fans of the soul singer for as long as they’ve
been together, with Michelle admitting that a love of Stevie Wonder was a
prerequisite for them getting together. She admitted, “He had to like
Stevie Wonder’.

The presidential pair also said their final goodbyes to the White House in an emotional farewell speech in Chicago. In the town where he first declared victory eight years ago, Obama rallied his supporters, asking them to believe in their ability to bring about change, and maintain a belief in a “fair, just, inclusive America.” 

Michelle and Malia Obama watched on as he delivered his emotional speech, leaving his youngest daughter and himself in tears. We’re not crying, promise…


We’re going to miss this adorable duo…

So as their time in the White House draws to a close, we take a look back at Barack and Michelle’s best moments…

1) Their glamorous wedding photos from 1992. Michelle looked stunning in an off-the-shoulder floral gown and Barack looked snappy in his black tuxedo. The adorable photos show that the couple were quintessential 90’s newlyweds. When the pictures were released on Twitter earlier this year, we fell in love with them even more (if that’s possible).

2) When they fist-bumped each other at an election night rally in St. Paul, Minnesota, 2008. Some couples hug, others kiss, but the Obamas showed their support for one another with a motivational fist-bump – and it was amazing.

3) When Barack smooched Michelle on the kiss cam at the U.S Men’s Olympic basketball game against Brazil in 2012.

4) That time they danced with Storm Troopers and R2-D2 on Star Wars day….

5) When Barack gave Michelle’s outfit a thumbs up to the crowds, before their state dinner in August 2016.

6) The time they shared an intimate moment dancing together in Oslo in 2009, after Barack was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.


7) When Barack took a crying child off Michelle at the 2011 White House Congressional picnic and magically calmed her down.

8) The time Obama was shocked when Michelle said Dr Jill Biden was her favourite person in the room.

9) When they looked over their hometown skyline in Chicago 2012.

10) The hug they shared moments after the 2012 presidential election. The picture made history on Facebook and Twitter and became the most-shared photo of all time.

11) When they danced with 106-year-old Virginia McLaurin, in the Blue Room of the White House.

12) And finally, when the chivalrous President gave Michelle his blazer to keep warm and they shared a romantic moment, (while the security guards averted their eyes!)