The New Moon January 2023 in Aquarius sees a huge cosmic shift and one of the largest annual celebrations on the planet

The first New Moon of 2023 is in Aquarius and has manifestation magic written all over it - so how can your star sign harness its power

January New Moon 2023: The waning moon was in the middle of the sea at sunset, and birds flew.
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Welcome to the January New Moon of 2023. If the year feels like it’s gotten off to a false start, you can attribute that to a dramatic and intense Mars retrograde and the recently ended Mercury retrograde that likely had you still wrapping up old stories from the previous year. 

Unexpected changes at work, the reappearance of old friends, former colleagues, and yes, the dreaded text-from-the-ex had you spinning your proverbial wheels and wishing you could just let the past stay where it’s meant to – in the past. The first New Moon in the Moon calendar 2023 comes as we're settling into the new year, with the trials and tribulations of the first Mercury retrograde 2023 luckily in our rearview mirror.

Now, with the planets finally cooperating with us – because yes, even wildcard planet Uranus will finally be turning direct within 24 hours of this New Moon – we can finally begin planning our goals for this bold new year. It’s time to start manifesting some 2023 divine magic and with all the energy coming at you in Aquarius season 2023 - your dreams may well come true.

The New Moon January 2023 culminates on January 21, 2023, at 3:52 PM EST at 1 degrees of Aquarius, an air sign that’s associated with higher dreams, inspiration, and ideals, community action and engagement, and our friends, groups, and networks. In fact, there are 5 planetary bodies in air signs during this New Moon, most notably Venus and Saturn harmonizing with each other right as the Sun and Moon do. What does all this mean for us down here on earth? It tells us that the cosmos is currently conspiring with us to make our manifestations real but only if we are willing to commit our thoughts, beliefs, and actions in alignment with what we are verbalizing that we want. 

It can mean allowing unstable relationships and those that were not designed to withstand the test of time to finally and firmly be left behind so we can add more depth, definition, and structure to our long-term goals and destiny. There is real longevity potential to anything you set your mind to at this time – so show up and stay committed despite any obstacles, challenges, doubts, and self-limiting beliefs.

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Here's how the New Moon of January 2023 will affect you depending on your star sign. For the most accurate reading, look at your sun or rising sign according to your astrology birth chart.

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Aries, it’s time to feel more hopeful about the future and its infinite possibilities. Sometimes it’s easy to get stuck in a routine – don’t rock the boat and you won’t get rocked either. But inside, you’ve got a fire burning inside of you – and this New Moon in your eleventh house of good fortune and good friends is daring you to feed that flame. It’s the time to express your most authentic self and allow this potent cosmic energy to magnetize more people that find you fun, that love your quirks, that delight in your sense of humor – and let those that would dim your shine get left behind.


Taurus, this New Moon in your tenth house of career has you considering your reputation – and what you ultimately want to be known and adored for. If perception is reality, then this lunation is giving you the ability to transform the story you are telling yourself about your legacy. What is the genre of your life? You get to decide. But what you must reconcile is if you want that story to be about your career – and it very well could be – or if your career is currently getting in the way of being able to tell an epic tale about your life. Adjust according to what you conclude.


Gemini, you’ve been undergoing a major personal transformation. During this undoubtedly intense process of learning new things about yourself, what you also need to acknowledge and give yourself credit for how many unhelpful patterns and self-limiting thoughts you’re also unlearning. This New Moon in your ninth house of spiritual insight is knocking the doors off on what you thought you knew so you can make room to be blown away by all that you have left to uncover and discover – about the world, your closest friends, your beliefs – and most importantly about yourself and your purpose. Get excited because you’ve got a whole new world of adventure and fun coming your way.


Cancer, this New Moon in your eighth house is encouraging raw honesty, intense emotion, and radical vulnerability. It’s all wrapped up in this cosmic permission slip to be authentically yourself. A lot of advice would have you believe that tampering your feeling – pretending you don’t care, acting aloof or unbothered, not communicating with others – is the way to elicit a response out of someone you desire closeness with. But at what cost? If you are in a loving relationship – or have that as your ultimate desire – honesty is the risk you to take, to get the fulfillment you crave. Don’t compromise your core for the sake of appearing cool.


Leo, do you feel seen and supported in your most intimate relationships? If there is any sign that’s made to shine, it’s you, of course. And with this New Moon in your seventh house of partnership, it’s asking if the sharing the spotlight is dimming your sparkle. When “me becomes we” how can you learn the fine art of compromise – perhaps your time, priorities, and efforts – without sacrificing your personal values, needs, and goals? It's certainly a balance that sounds much easier to write on paper than practice in real life. But practice it you must as the stars are putting this dynamic in focus – and begging you to never let sight of who you are and were born to be.


Virgo, what if everything not only could work out – but actually did? That’s the radical mindset shift the stars are inviting you consider during this New Moon in your sixth house of health and habits. What if everything worked out even without you worrying about the outcome? What if no one notices the tiny errors you’re fussing over – or loved it because of those supposed flaws? What if you could feel that way about your work, your body, your appearance, your chores? What if you could turn your trust over to the cosmos – and believe that the best outcome is not only possible, but the most likely? That’s the magic available for you to manifest.


Libra, what gives you pure, unadulterated joy? Now is your time to fully embrace the quirky, so-called “weird,” and unique parts of your pleasure without any shame or guilt. With this New Moon in your fifth house of fun, it’s time to let go of what seems popular to enjoy what feels personally fulfilling. You don’t have to like what everyone else does – but you do have to allow yourself permission to like what you like. You’re overdue for creative breakthrough right now so use this lunation to consider what your inner child would like to do or how you had fun as a kid – and start doing more of that. It’s a good time ahead for you, guaranteed.

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Scorpio, it’s time for a cosmic reset. With this New Moon in your fourth house of home, it’s time to think about the walls you’ve built. Of course, that can be taken literally, and you could find yourself reconsidering your physical environment or initiating a home renovation project. But you could just as easily wonder if the walls you’ve built around yourself and your heart are not only keeping others out, but keeping you caged in. It’s OK to let go of what once felt necessary for self-protection if removing it allows for more honest connection with those closest to you – or the ones who could be close if you let them in.


Sagittarius, you read enough horoscopes and astrological interpretations that would have you belief you’re a brash, loud, and possibly even abrasive fire sign who says what they want and doesn’t care about the consequences. But inwardly, you know that you’re quite attune to other people and you’re often deep in thought. This New Moon in your third house of communication is an invitation to be more radical – to perhaps live up to your famed persona. Why not share more of what you think and believe – and trust yourself and the other person to handle disagreement constructively? It’s the most real and honest thing you can do right now.


Capricorn, you’re starting off the New Year with a New Moon in your second house of finances – and it’s the fresh start you’ve been looking for. Now is the perfect time to think about your concept of “the hustle.” Who or what are you hustling for? Are your efforts paying off – or reciprocated? If they’re not, where can you reinvest your time and energy so you can feel seen and supported? You’re the sign known for self-sufficiency, but you need some pampering and acknowledgement, too. Allow others to shower you with some love and show you how much they value you, whether romantically or professionally. You’ve earned that much.


Aquarius, why fit in when you were born to stand out? Your unique perspective and one-of-a-kind personality are your gifts. And now more than ever, the stars are calling on you to share your presents by owning your presence. You’re about to undergo a remarkably and intense transformation over these next few years, one that will allow you to shed the weight of other people’s expectations so you can fully embrace your authenticity. And it starts with this powerful New Moon in your first house of the self. It’s a cosmic game of truth-or-dare, where you dare to understand your inner truth so you can reveal your immense power.


Pisces, the most radical thing you can do during this New Moon is invest in your spiritual growth. And you do that by giving yourself grace. It sounds easy enough but putting it into practice isn’t as simple as it appears. This New Moon in your twelfth house of rest is an ample opportunity to grant yourself the same patience you so freely give others. It’s a chance to show yourself compassion and care. And it means you can stop blaming and shaming yourself for the ways that you may have let yourself down – or others have. When that guilt falls away, what’s left standing is you, not despite your perceived flaws, but because of them.

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