The new look Dallas – love it or hate it? … Today’s Debate

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  • Let’s get this out there now – we are hooked! The new look Dallas is glossier, sexier, more suspenseful and simply better than ever!

    Yes, it was great back in its 80s heyday when no Saturday night was complete without a dose of JR, Bobby and the gang.

    But now they’re back with a younger generation and the new John Ross is even more dastardly than his good old pa – though JR hasn’t softened with age – while Bobby’s offspring is similarly the ‘goody goody’ character in his daddy’s image.

    Sue Ellen is back but she’s tougher and way more scheming than she ever used to be. And the new generation of girlfriends, wives and lovers promise fabulous fashion and complex love stories for weeks to come.

    As we’d hoped, we were left with a huge and delicious cliff-hanger at the end of last night’s episode. Oh joy! How fantastic that they’ve gone and improved on a classic.

    Or maybe that’s just us…What do you think? Join our forums or comment in the box below.

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