The Most Popular Pet Names Of 2016

The names we give to pets are important – especially when we’re shouting after our little furry friends in the park. There are many questions to consider when making a choice: do you name the animal after its appearance? Does the name suit your pet’s temperament? Will the vet judge your decision? It’s crucial that the name for your pet is carefully considered – after all, your memories of them will last a lifetime.

Earlier this year, the most popular baby names of 2016 were revealed, but now research has shown the most popular names for dogs and cats – and some may surprise you.

While unisex names are becoming more and more popular for human babies, it would appear for kittens and puppies, pop culture has had a significant impact: Disney-inspired names like Nala and Simba have resurfaced in the top 10. However, the research also demonstrates that traditional names have remained incredibly popular.

Here’s a list of 2016’s most popular dogs and cats names, as concluded by Health Paws Pet Insurance.

Most popular female dog names

1) Bella 2) Lucy 3) Luna 4) Daisy 5) Lola 6) Sadie 7) Molly 8) Stella 9) Chloe 10) Maggie

Most popular male dog names

1) Charlie 2) Cooper 3) Max 4) Oliver 5) Buddy 6) Rocky 7) Teddy 8) Milo 9) Tucker 10) Bentley

Most popular female cat names

1) Luna
2) Bella 3) Lucy 4) Chloe 5) Lily 6) Mia 7) Sophie 8) Lola 9) Nala 10) Daisy

Most popular male cat names

1) Oliver 2) Max 3) Milo 4) Simba 5) Leo 6) Charlie 7) Jack 8) Loki 9) Smokey 10) Jasper

Experts have said that giving your pet a short name (no longer than two syllables) will make training easier, as anything too long can be confusing to an animal. It’s also been revealed that choosing a name with a hard consonant will make it easier to grab your pet’s attention.

It would appear that even the world of domestic animals has trends – but overall, nothing quite beats the traditional names for our beloved pets.