The Cutest Animals Celebrating Halloween

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  • ZSL London Zoo’s two-toed sloth baby celebrates his first Halloween with a pumpkin specially carved by his keepers.

    Doug the Pug of Instagram fame has his Halloween costume sorted. Inspired by Netflix hit Stranger Things, that looks to be one of this year’s most popular dress up outfits, he has dressed up as Barb.


    We can’t get over how cute Ollie the Chihuahua looks in his pumpkin carriage.The orange wig is very fetching on him.

    This Pug from the Ukraine doesn’t look very happy about his Halloween outfit. 


     Two-year old skunks Mr. Stink and Rogue investigate a pumpkin at Bristol Zoo.


    Simba the Pomeranian dresses up in an adorable pumpkin outfit at the All Dogs Matter Dog Show in Hampstead Heath, London. 


    Meerkats at a zoo in Hannover, Germany, look more intent on eating and destroying their pumpkin than celebrating with it.

    It doesn’t get much cuter than these ‘pocket’ piglets squeezed into a jack-o-lantern in Pennywell, Devon.


    Trick or treat! These pooches head to the neighbours for Halloween goodies. We hope the house owners have some dog friendly treats.

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