6 Tell-Tale Signs The School Summer Holidays Have Started

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  • It’s that time of year again…Children are counting down the days left in the classroom, panic-stricken parents are brainstorming ways to keep the little people in their lives entertained for six whole weeks while museums and parks are preparing for the gaggles of school children that are about to descend. Whether you’re a parent, a grandparent or a long-standing commuter, here are six tell-tale signs the school holidays are looming…

    1. Junior commuters are out in full force

    If you’re a commuter, you’ll soon notice your fellow travellers become much shorter. They won’t be heading to the offices, briefcase in hand, but instead – making their way to museums, parks and playgrounds, equipped with a back pack stuffed full of activities and jam sandwiches. As they sit, feet dangling off the edge of the seat, their bright eyed, enquiring faces make a refreshing change from those tired, gloomy faces of people in business wear.  

    2. The washing basket is permanently overflowing

    If you’re the parent of school children, you’ll soon notice the extra hoards of washing that come hand in hand with the school summer holidays. Instead of one shirt and one school jumper a day, the school holidays warrant three outfit changes in the space of 24 hours and, of course, they want their favourite pair of shorts washing to wear again the next day.

    3. ‘Back to school’ fever sweeps the nation

    From day one of the school holidays, all major supermarkets begin the ‘back to school’ hype – plastering their walls with huge posters, filling their isles with colourful pencil cases and stationery and their clothes racks with all varieties of polo shirts. It fills school children with dread and their parents with even more dread as they contemplate the new school uniform run that is looming at the end of August. 

    4. Your house begins to resemble a playground

    ‘Can we make a den in the cupboard?’…’Can we paint on the
    walls?’ A few weeks in to the holidays and the dreaded boredom has set in. The new games have been exhausted, you’ve taken them on all the days out you can
    manage and despite your best efforts to keep your house in order, there are paint streaks up your living room wall, toys strewn down the hall and your under-the-stairs cupboard (the den) is out of bounds to all adults.

    5. The school gates become a ghost town

    Without the school buses lining up outside the school gates, the lollipop ladies manning the streets and the crowds of school children hopping and skipping to school, the roads and pathways feel abandoned and as clear as can be.

    6. A ‘family day out’ means a day out with hundreds of other families

    Scheduled days out are a luxury that many of us save for the school summer holidays. With great deals and savy savings to be made on family tickets during the school holidays, it’s little wonder that most attractions are packed full with more families who had exactly the same idea. As you wander around museums and art galleries, it becomes commonplace to see a stray sock or a lonesome teddy that’s been flung out of a buggy.

    Whether you’ll be entertaining your children, grandchildren or newphews and nieces, let us know what you’re planning this summer holidays at www.facebook.com/womanandhome

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