Susannah Constantine opens up on 'divorce' from best friend Trinny Woodall

Susannah Constantine has revealed she suffered extreme anxiety when her working relationship with Trinny Woodall ended.

It's been nearly twenty years since the TV duo first graced our screens on BBC's What Not To Wear. And the pair's working relationship was so successful Susannah said she lost her identity when it all ended.

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Opening up about the low period that followed the end of their TV era, Susanna, 58, likened it to a "divorce".

"We'd been Trinny and Susannah for so many years. I'd walk through an airport and get recognised, but people wouldn't say, 'Oh look there's Susanna' they'd go, 'Oh look there's Trinny and Susannah.'

"Suddenly I didn't have my other half and so I had to re-identify myself as a single person, as just Susannah. And I found that very difficult. It was almost like I went into mourning."

When asked by Loose Women panellist whether it felt like a midlife crisis, Susanna explained it was more of an identity crisis.

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"The two things came at the same time so it was a bit of a double whammy and I lost my identity totally. It was almost as though I lived as someone else for 15 years and came out the other side and was like, 'Who the hell am I?'

"I lost all my confidence, I put on weight, my self worth was on the floor."

Thankfully Susanna - who appeared on Strictly in 2018 - has turned things around and is now enjoying her new life as an author. And she and Trinny are still the best of friends.

"It was like a divorce where we are still best friends at the end of it," she joked.

While the pair are still close friends, Susannah previously revealed she'd never work with Trinny again after their programme Trinny & Susannah Undress the Nation was the "death" of their career.

She said, "That show was the death of our career because it was crass and not done with the empathy that had made us successful. We won’t work together again, but we speak all the time. We’re opposites in every way but we have an incredible bond."

What an iconic duo!

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