Susanna Reid confirms split from boyfriend Steve Parish: 'Let's not dwell'

Susanna Reid

Today, Good Morning Britain was back to normal, with the return of Piers Morgan, who joined his co-host Susanna Reid back on set after an extended break.

And of course, it wasn't long before he was up to his usual tricks again, starting the show by mentioning a big change in Susanna's personal life.

Picking up a newspaper, he pointed to a lead story that claimed Susanna had recently split from her boyfriend of almost a year, Steve Parish, chairman of Crystal Palace football club.

Holding up the front page, he then said, "So, you single again?"

To which Susanna simply replied, "Yes, yes."

She went on, saying, “Let's not dwell. I’m fine. We’re fine. We’re very good friends. We were at the match on Saturday.”

Piers then went on to joke that he may be the man Susanna is really after, joking, "Is there any coincidence it gets announced on the day I get back? You back in the market for a good looking guy in his early 50s who supports a London football team?"

Before Susanna hit back, stating that she'd actually be looking for someone who supports "a winning team" - taking a swipe at Piers' chosen team, Arsenal.

According to reports, Susanna and Steve's relationship had simply come to a natural end.

A source said, “It’s very sad, but they just couldn’t make it work. They both work extremely hard and there wasn’t enough time for romance.”

Later on in the programme, the presenting pair were floored by a rather terrifying new creation - a Piers Morgan-inspired hairdryer.

Clearly loving the new machine, he explained, "These are all part of a new ITV promo coming up, which will be explained."

Susanna then joked, "These Morgan 3000 hairdryers have a series of settings - easy to press buttons, and a short fuse, funnily enough."

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