The One Thing Susanna Reid Thinks It’s Important You Know About Her Appearance

As one of the UK’s premium newsreaders, Susanna Reid is required to look professional and put together at all times. And, as well as that, the stunning star always manages to look stylish and fashion-forward too.

She regularly dons a range of stunning dresses, from brands including Next and Hobbs. And her flawless hair and make-up at 6am leave women around the nation envious – why can’t we look like that in the early hours of the morning?

But it seems Susanna is all too aware of the perfect image she portrays on-screen – and there’s one thing she wants women everywhere to know about the flawless, put-together Susanna who appears on GMB everyday – that that isn’t really what she looks like.

On GMB, Susanna even revealed a stunning before make-up and after make-up picture, alongside the defiant quote – ‘You’ll never look like the girl in the magazine. The girl in the magazine doesn’t even look like the girl in the magazine.’


But one viewer criticised the image, saying, “I would say well done if she had shown the birthmark like skin blemish
on her right cheek instead of angling the photo so you can’t see it.”

Susanna was quick to show that she has no problems in revealing her
imperfections – and promptly took to Twitter to unveil the birthmark on
her right cheek – something she says she’s “proud” of. 


In a conversation with The Pool, she also confessed that it takes an army of people to help create her flawless on-screen persona – and she wants everyone to know it.

When asked about the pressure of being on live TV everyday, Susanna confessed “The thing is, we have an absolutely incredible hair and make-up, and wardrobe team. I wouldn’t be able to put this together myself.

“And frankly, on a day off, I don’t look anything like this! And you know what, that’s one of my things.”

In her interview with The Pool, Susanna continued, and made it very clear that she’s keen for everyone to know her perfect appearance isn’t real.

She admitted, “I’m very keen to show and remind people that this is a look which is created through professionals who know what they’re doing. Do not think that this is something I roll out of bed looking like. Because when I wake up, I look a fright.

“So I don’t want women to look at other women who are on television or on modelling shoots or in magazines and think ‘I’m never got to look like that’, because frankly, without the help of the team behind the scenes, I wouldn’t look like this either.”

Susanna also shared her response to criticism that, if she wanted to be real, she should go on live TV without all the hair and make-up trimmings.

But she explained, “We go on air looking like this because we want to look professional in our jobs and we want to look as good as we can, possibly because that’s part of the magic of television that people have a certain look.

“But I think it’s key to be honest. Sometimes if I’ve done a big shoot I’ll post a picture of how I look the morning after, compared to how I look in the picture! It’s a different story.”

46-year-old Susanna does indeed stay true to her word, and has regularly posted make-up free selfies over on her Instagram.


We applaud Susanna for her honesty!