Strictly Star Bravely Discusses Previous Battle With Depression

She brings a smile to our faces every week on Strictly Come Dancing, with her fabulously energetic routines and hilarious quips off the dance-floor. But now comedian Susan Calman has revealed her previous struggles with depression, and the desperate depths she plunged to whilst suffering with her mental health.

She’s always positive, happy, and joking on the BBC dancing competition, but things certainly haven’t always been like that for Susan, who is partnered with Kevin Clifton on the show.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Susan, 42, has revealed that as a teenager, she struggled with her mental health – so much so, that she began to self-harm.

And Susan also confessed that in not speaking about how she was feeling, she only left herself feeling worse.

“By not talking I ended up in a quite terrible place. I felt alone, isolated, confused about why I couldn’t just make myself happy.

“I’d started cutting myself, a common thing to do among many depressives, and I still have scars on my arms from that time.

“I hate them. I see them every day as a reminder of how I felt, of the frustration and anger that was directed towards myself.”

In the interview, Susan also made the devastating admission that she eventually took steps to try and kill herself, after years of keeping her feelings to herself.

“Unsurprisingly, after years of keeping quiet everything fell apart in a rather horrific way. I tried to kill myself. I took a load of pills one day because I just couldn’t see any way out.”

But happily, the Strictly star is now recovered, and has admitted how much dancing on the BBC show helps her positive.

“Dancing absolutely lifts your mood. I’m a great believer in exercise in helping depression.

“But there’s also the happiness I get out of dancing. The joy I’m getting from performing is helping my mood and how I feel about things.”

Susan is now happily married to wife Lee Cormack.

Susan and Kevin have been enjoying a successful run on Strictly, with the weekend’s results show revealing that the pair were safely through to week six after impressing with their energetic Cha Cha Cha.

Rumours are already flying that Susan will be channelling Game Of Thrones in her dance next week, so watch this space for what she has in store for Halloween…