Supermarket Shopping Could Be About To Become A Lot More Expensive…

Supermarkets have always used special offers and appealing deals to entice their customers to spend more in store, or too ensure they sell surplus stock.

However, in a new move set to revolutionise the supermarket shopping experience, stores are reportedly now looking to move to ‘e-pricing’. The digital price tags will replace the traditional paper prices that mark-up supermarket shelves as we know them, allowing stores to implement “surge pricing” on popular products.

While this could mean much welcome lower prices on some of your favourite products, it will also mean you could be in for a shock during some supermarket shops, where products you purchase every week will have risen in price if they are proving popular with other customers that day.

‘Surge-pricing’ is most likely to affect seasonal goods, like popular roast dinner meats in winter or ice-cream and chilled drinks during the summer.

Shops will also be able to remove offers on sought-after products as a way to maximize their profits.  

Supermarkets such as Tesco, Sainsburys and Morrisons are all said to be considering the digital switch. Electronic price changes have apparently already been tested over the last year in Marks and Spencer food stores.

And it’s not just supermarkets looking to capitalize on our spending habits either. It is reported that a similar system could soon be implemented at petrol stations too.

Andrew Dark, from electronic pricing company Displaydata, said: “Paper tags often show the wrong prices as they have to be manually replaced by staff when prices move, but electronic labels can be updated in just 20 seconds.”

Whilst a Sainsbury’s spokesman told the Daily Mirror, “We always look at ways that technology can help us improve the shopping experience for our customers.”