Stephen Fry Reveals He Has Prostate Cancer In Emotional Video

Stephen Fry has revealed the sad news that he’s spent the last two months secretly battling prostate cancer.

The QI presenter shared an emotional video explaining he underwent a life-saving operation back in January and is now cancer-free.
Writing on his Twitter account, the 60-year-old said, ‘For the last 2 months I’ve been in the throes of a rather unwelcome and unexpected adventure. I’m sorry I haven’t felt able to talk about it till now, but here I am explaining what has been going on.’

In the 12-minute clip, the national treasure said doctors found the cancer in an MRI scan last year after he went for a full health check. But luckily, it seems he is now on the road to a full recovery.

Speaking to the camera, the star said, “I had the op first week in January. It all seemed to go pretty well…It doesn’t seem to have spread.”

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Stephen – who is married to Elliott Spencer – was offered radiotherapy or surgery to have his prostate removed.  He decided on the latter, and chose to have eleven lymph nodes removed as well.

“They took the prostate out and eleven lymph nodes,” he confessed, before adding, “This was clearly was an aggressive little bugger.”

Stephen also explained his reasons for choosing to keep his battle secret.

“If you’re wondering why I’ve been out of the public eye – I’m sure you haven’t – I wanted to recover out of the public eye.”

He continued, “Cancer is a word that rings in your head. ‘I’ve got cancer’, I kept saying to myself, good heavens. You’re not supposed to get cancer. I know it’s a cliche but you don’t think it’s going to happen to you, cancer is something that happens to other people.”

(Stephen with his husband Elliott Spencer)

He explained that there is a chance of the disease coming back, but added that his doctors think the early intervention saved his life.

In a final note, Stephen went on to thank his doctors for all their hard word, as well as his family, friends and husband Elliott. He said, “I’m bloody lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful people, and I’m lucky to have an immune system, which is the real hero.”

Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in the UK, with nearly 50,000 cases diagnosed in the UK each year.
Currently one in eight men will get prostate cancer in their lifetime. This type of cancer is particularly prevalent in the over 50s. And at the moment, it’s most common for men between the ages of 65 and 69.
The cancer can also be hereditary, so there’s an extra risk of getting it if a family member has already had it.
However, if the disease is caught early, it can be treated successfully. So what prostate cancer symptoms should you look out for in the men in your life?

Symptoms of prostate cancer:

Most symptoms involve urination – often, the need to urinate more or difficulty starting to urinate or holding it back can be symptoms.

A weak bladder, or a burning sensation when you pee, can also signal prostate cancer.
Symptoms of prostate cancer can also include painful ejaculations or difficulty getting an erection, and some men also experience blood in their urine or semen.
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