Should Tony Nicklinson be allowed to end his life? His Twitter followers say no…Today’s Debate

Have you been following the story of 57-year old Tony Nicklinson who, following a stroke seven years ago, suffers from locked-in-syndrome?

Although Tony is mentally aware, he is completely paralysed other than his eyes and has described his previously highly active and sociable life as ‘dull, miserable, demeaning, undignified and intolerable’. And this week, he will go to the high court and argue that a doctor should be allowed to lawfully end his life.

Since joining Twitter last week (composing his tweets via special software) Tony has gained 15,000 followers who are reading his witty and coherent updates – the opposite of ‘Locked In’ syndrome.

How does his fluency on Twitter affect your view on whether or not Tony should be allowed to end his own life lawfully? This raises some big ethical questions – tell us what you think in our forums now.

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